A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2061

As if he understood the emotions in Ye Fan’s words, Old Han quickly explained: “Little Lord, you have misunderstood the Patriarch.”
“Patriarch has you in his heart.”
“You don’t know. After learning about your accident, the Patriarch…”
“Enough, I’ve said it, I don’t want to listen to him anymore.” When Old Han was halfway through his words, he was interrupted by Ye Fan.
Ye Fan didn’t want to know about that man, nor did he want to know.
He didn’t have so much energy and time, wasted on him.
Ye Fan had been with him since their mother and son were swept out by the Chu family, and had nothing to do with him.
Perhaps, as Old Han said, he has difficulties.
Or maybe, he still remembers their mother and son in his heart.
But, so what?
Ye Fan couldn’t think of it, what difficulties could he have, more important than his own wife and children? “For more than a month, nothing has happened to the Dragon God Temple, right?”
After Ye Fan interrupted Old Han’s words, he turned to ask other things.
Old Han replied, “No.”
“Since the little lord, you have an accident, I have kept the powerful in the Dragon Temple hidden in the dark.”
“It didn’t attract the attention of the Chu family.”
“But Xiaozhu, Jiangdong, you’d better go take a look.”
“As far as I know, Chu Zhengliang sent someone secretly to set foot in Jiangdong.”
“I’m worried that they will act on the young master’s relatives and friends.”
“Dare he?” Ye Fan’s expression became cold when he heard this.
Senran Ruobing!
The air in the room was almost condensed into frost.
Ye Fan’s murderous intent is everywhere in the eye.
Even if they were thousands of miles away, Old Han on the other end of the phone could still feel the anger in Ye Fan’s words.
As the saying goes, dragons have reverse scales, and they are angry when they touch it.
And Qiu Mucheng, Ye Ximei and others are undoubtedly the biggest inverse scales on Ye Fan’s body.
“Little…Little lord, don’t get angry.”
“I’m just guessing.”
“Their goal is you. It shouldn’t be very likely to start with Miss Qiu and the others.” Old Han was afraid that Ye Fan would be too worried, so he turned quickly.
“It’s best to be so.”
“Otherwise, if you let me know that they dare to touch Mucheng and their half hair, I, Chu Tianfan, will let them die without a place to be buried.”
The words were low and frosty.
It is like a rock that never melts on an iceberg, without the slightest emotion.
Yes, there is only endless coldness and abundance.
Even if Mr. Han listened, his heart trembled unconsciously.
He couldn’t imagine what kind of anger would make the little master feel such emotions.
“Well, if it’s okay, let’s stop here today.”
“As for the matter of the Liaoyuan Plan, wait for me to arrange it.”
Soon, Ye Fan also hung up the call with Old Han.
Instead, he dialed Qiu Mucheng’s phone.
However, Ye Fan didn’t get through after playing for a long time, and the other party was always off.
“what happened?”
“It’s good, how could Mucheng shut down?”
“Could it be that something really happened?”
Ye Fan frowned immediately, and he had a bad premonition.
“No, I have to go back and see.”
With worry in his heart, Ye Fan made a decisive decision to leave the military area and return to Yunzhou.
However, Ye Fan had just walked out of the room, and he saw Li Ziyang leading the two people over.
Seeing Ye Fan and the two little fat guys beside Li Ziyang, he was stunned.

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