A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 208

So, Chu Wenfei and his wife immediately greeted everyone to take their seats.
When ordering food, Chu Wenfei was also very bold.
Page by page, you don’t even look at the price or blink your eyes.
“Wen Fei, it’s okay. We can’t finish eating the Manchu Feast. Why do we order so many dishes?”
“Is this a waste?” Jiang Hong and others persuaded again and again.
Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying didn’t care at all.
“It’s okay, second aunt.”
“Our family is not bad for money!”
“Order more and try all kinds of dishes.”
“Also take a wine, several uncles also look at it.”
“Don’t worry about the price. You can order whatever you want to drink. You can have a few bottles if you want to drink.” Remember to read a book for one second
What is heroic!
This is so heroic!
The Qiu family was almost cried by Chu Wenfei.
Soon, the wine and food began to serve.
The Qiu family ate the table full of luxurious dishes, drank thousands of light, weighed tens of thousands, and even the precious red wine of the collection level, but it was very pleasant.
“Yingying has a good husband.”
“Wen Fei is a good son-in-law!”
“Qiaoyu, we really envy your family.”
“We are all shining brightly this time~”
“Apart from a face, what else can Qiu Mucheng compare to Yingying?”
“The parents are incompetent, and the husband who married is also useless~”
“Especially that Ye Fan, just a poor dick from the countryside~”
“Compared with Wen Fei, he is a fart!”
“Yingying, you are destined to step on Qiu Mucheng under your feet for the rest of your life~”
“Qiu Mucheng married a trash. She is over for her life and will never catch up with you.”
At the dinner table, Qiu Guang, Jiang Hong and others drank high, but they had no scruples and said anything.
But without exception, they all flattered Qiu Muying’s family.
At this time, Chu Wenfei and his wife were almost ecstatic and extremely proud.
This kind of touted feeling is really good.
While eating and drinking here, Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng and others were also talking to Xu Lei in the private room.
“Mr. Xu, when will we sign the contract?” Qiu Mucheng was a little nervous for the first time having dinner with a legendary woman like Xu Lei, she didn’t know what to say, so she could only negotiate the contract in the end.
“As long as your husband is willing, you can do it at any time.” This graceful woman is so elegant even in her sitting posture.
At this time, Xu Lei drank red wine, looked at Ye Fan, and smiled faintly.
Ye Fan suddenly gave a wry smile: “You two, don’t mix with me. I just came to eat and drink.”
Qiu Mucheng also thought that Xu Lei was joking, and then asked: “Mr. Xu, I have modified some of the contract payments. Would you like to see it? But Mr. Xu can rest assured that the contracts I added are for your company. advantageous.”
Xu Lei nodded: “Just let your husband take a look. He thinks it’s okay, so I have no objection.”
Ye Fan: “……”
Ye Fan’s eyes twitched and he smiled bitterly. Xu Lei, a fairy, would die if he didn’t involve himself? Doesn’t this deliberately increase the conflict between husband and wife?
“Mr. Xu, you are really good at joking.” Qiu Mucheng also smiled awkwardly at Xu Lei, and then gave Ye Fan a stern look.
It seems like that, I will settle accounts with you when I go home.
However, at this time, someone knocked on the door outside the private room.
“Come in.” Ye Fan replied.
Qiu Mucheng kicked Ye Fan lightly in private, secretly saying, are you the master or Xu always the master, how can you make sense to come in?
Ye Fan was even more helpless.
At this time, the people outside had already come in, and it was the former manager Wang at the front desk.
Seeing Ye Fan, Manager Wang respectfully greeted him, and then smiled bitterly: “Mr. Chu, originally, those outside are your relatives. For your face, our hotel should be free, but their consumption tonight is Some are taller, so…”
Manager Wang wanted to say that he could only give them a discount.
But Ye Fan suddenly smiled when he heard it.
“Manager Wang, didn’t you just say everything?”
“We count ours, and they count them. For those people, how should your hotel count? Don’t give them discounts for free because of me.”
“After all, it is not easy for everyone to make money, and no one’s money comes from the wind. This kind of marketer who always thinks about getting cheap from others should never get used to it.”

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