A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 209

Ye Fan repeated Chu Wenfei’s previous words again. If Chu Wenfei and others were here, Ye Fan would probably be mad at him.
“Okay, Mr. Chu. Since you have all spoken, do what you want.” When Manager Wang heard this, he suddenly had no scruples and turned around to do it.
“By the way, let me ask, how much did they ate tonight? Make your five-star hotel unbearable?” Ye Fan was a little curious.
Cloud View Hotel.
“Wen Fei, it’s getting late. There will be business for the company tomorrow, or just stop here today?”
Qiu family boss Qiu Guang looked at the time, but said to Chu Wenfei.
Chu Wenfei might have drunk a little too much, and his face was a little reddish. After hearing Qiu Guang’s words, he nodded: “Okay, listen to the uncle. Let’s stop here tonight.”
“My uncles, please forgive me for any improper hospitality.”
“Thanks to the Qiu family, thank you uncles, for training me Chu Wenfei this excellent wife.”
Some people start to talk more when they drink too much.
Chu Wenfei is undoubtedly this kind of thing, both Uncle Xie and Aunt Xie. First URL m.
Qiu Muying smiled in embarrassment: “Uncle, you forgive me, my Wenfei is just like this, and a little bit of wine will make you talk a lot.”
“There is no forgiveness, this shows that Wen Fei is a refreshing person.”
“Yingying, you found a good husband, and follow them well, maybe we will count on you all in the Qiu family in the future.”
“Okay, let’s go, everyone.
Qiu Guang greeted everyone about to leave.
However, at this time, Jiang Hong and others saw that many dishes were not finished, and even most of the dishes only had a few chopsticks. They felt it was a waste and they had to ask the waiter to pack them.
Chu Wenfei waved bravely: “Second Auntie, no, all packages are small money, and it is wasted. This young master has money.”
“If you want to eat later, tell me that my niece-in-law will bring you to eat.”
“I go!”
“Wen Feihao!”
“With this heart, the second aunt is very satisfied.”
Chu Wenfei’s words immediately attracted the attention of everyone, and everyone in the Qiu family was envious and emotional.
I thought that the Chu family had a lot of money, how could Qiu Mu Yingming be so good, and married this rich husband.
Chu Wenfei had already spoken, and Jiang Hong and the others did not pack those meals.
However, for those who haven’t finished drinking Moutai, red wine and the like, Jiang Hong and other Qiu family members took one or two bottles and prepared to take them home to drink slowly.
After all, these are all good things, and the worst bottle is thousands.
In this way, everyone in the Qiu family was full of wine and food, and in the end, each of them was holding a few bottles of good wine, like a group of robbers who robbed the house, and prepared to go outside the hotel with such delightfulness.
When passing by the checkout counter, Chu Wenfei didn’t even look at it. He put his arms around his wife’s slender willow waist, and walked out swaggeringly.
While walking proudly pretended to force Wang Qiaoyu: “Mom, how is your son-in-law? How does it compare to Jiang Yang?”
Jiang Yang is the son-in-law of the fifth family and the son of a senior cadre.
“How can Jiang Yang compare to you, he will be in the light of his father.”
“Where is Ye Fan, the son-in-law of the third family?” Chu Wenfei continued to ask.
“That’s even more incomparable. Ye Fan is a waste. In front of my son-in-law, it’s a fart.” Wang Qiaoyu said triumphantly. Chu Wenfei’s performance tonight undoubtedly gave her more face.
Others also echoed.
“That is, Ye Fan is a poor country, and you are not on the same level as Wen Fei.”
“He came to this hotel for dinner this time. I guess he won’t be able to pay the bill for a while, so he will be deducted by the hotel!”
“At that time, the couple will definitely ask us to borrow money. We all remember to turn off the machine or pretend that they can’t see. Qiu Mucheng and the others can do it, then let them do it.” Jiang Hong laughed. Pay attention to everyone.

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