A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 223

“Where is the store manager?”
“Let your store manager come out.”
“We spend so much money to enjoy high-end service, not here to have coffee with a rural turtle!”
Qiu Muying said with contempt.
Qiu Muying and his wife had a bad attitude towards Qiu Mucheng’s family. After the last time the Yunjing Hotel was embarrassed, they naturally hated Qiu Mucheng and others even more.
If it weren’t for Qiu Mucheng, how could they have thought of a dinner party? If they didn’t treat guests to dinner, how could the couple be so ugly in front of the family.
Now they can’t help Qiu Mucheng, can’t they still help Ye Fan’s uselessness.
Now that he seized the opportunity, Qiu Muying naturally fixed Ye Fan to death.
Soon, a fat store manager in a suit walked out.
The fat store manager seemed to know Chu Wenfei and the others, and when he saw Chu Wenfei, he was immediately respectful: “It turned out to be Young Master Chu, noble guest.”
“Hmph, you still know that we are distinguished customers.” Chu Wenfei snorted coldly, obviously also unhappy, “Mr. Hu, Yunzhou coffee shop is tens of millions, but why do I often come to your shop, Chu Wenfei? For you, this shop is high-profile and high-grade, and it is worthy of my identity as Chu Wenfei.” Remember to read for one second
“But now, a high-end coffee shop of yours has been mixed into a country soil turtle, and a pot of good porridge has a mouse shit. The grade of the entire coffee shop has been lowered in an instant. Mr. Hu went into everything. Let go, is it because you are preparing to smash the sign?!”
Chu Wenfei’s words were very heavy, and the fat store manager’s face immediately paled.
After all, for high-end cafes like them, the most important thing is the brand.
If the brand is gone, their competitiveness will naturally be gone.
So the fat store manager hurriedly apologized in panic, “Chu Shao calmed down his anger, I will blast out the turtle.”
“Hurry up!” Chu Wenfei drank again.
The couple looked at the fat store manager with a smug look on Ye Fan.
“Are you this member?” The fat store manager walked over and asked coldly.
Their cafe is a membership system. In order to maintain the high-end cafe, it is only open to members. This is why he asked Ye Fan if he was a member when he came up.
Ye Fan shook his head: “This is the first time, no.”
When the fat store manager heard this, his last scruples disappeared, and he cursed directly: “It’s not that shit!”
“Get out of here.”
“A terrapin, is this the place you can come?”
“If you don’t have any money, you will be poor, and you will not get out?” the fat store manager said angrily.
Ye Fan frowned, and faintly replied, “I was invited here by a friend.”
“What friend, beggar friend?”
“You terrapin, don’t tease.”
“You are a hillbilly, can any friend with money invite you here?”
“Hurry up!” Qiu Muying roared with a grin, but she was full of contempt and disgust towards Ye Fan.
I just feel that being in a cafe with this kind of person is a great shame for her.
“Go away~”
“Don’t be an eyesore here!” Chu Wenfei also shouted unhappy.
The fat store manager also yelled angrily and asked Ye Fan to leave here immediately.
The other people in the cafe obviously noticed this too, and when they saw the shabby Ye Fan, they also showed disgust.
“In recent years, the poor cock dared to come to the upper class.”
“Don’t look at your own virtues?”
There was a sneer from other guests around, everyone looked at Ye Fan with pity, and there was a playful smile on the corner of their mouth.
Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei both smiled disdainfully, full of pride.
Ye Fan, this is the gap between you and us.
You poor dick, you only have to lie outside. Are you qualified to come here?

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