A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 227

“you are?”
Ye Fan was stunned, but he didn’t expect anyone here to know him.
“Mr. Chu, this is Li Xiaohong. I was an intern at Hongqi Bank. The last time you came to our bank to withdraw money, we met.” When the girl saw Ye Fan again, she was obviously a little excited, her pretty face flushed.
“Oh, it turned out to be you.” Ye Fan then remembered the young girl in front of him. When he went to the Hongqi Bank to withdraw money, Ye Fan was humiliated. The girl in front of him said a lot of good things for him. So now when Li Xiaohong said it, Ye Fan remembered it too.
“Xiaohong, why did you come here and still be a waiter here?” Ye Fan’s impression of Li Xiaohong and Ye Fan is pretty good. In this world of material desires, poor and rich, she looks pretty like Li Xiaohong, and The kind-hearted girl is rare.
It’s just that Ye Fan couldn’t help wondering how Li Xiaohong, who worked in a bank before, has now fallen to where he is now.
“Could it? Mr. Xu fired you?” Ye Fan asked curiously.
“No, Mr. Chu.” Li Xiaohong explained quickly.
It turned out that Li Xiaohong worked in the bank during the day and part-time here at night.
Li Xiaohong has just graduated and is an intern again. With a pitiful salary, he can barely use it for himself. After paying the rent and food, there is nothing left. Previously, Xu Lei promoted Li Xiaohong as her assistant because of Ye Fan, but Li Xiaohong was too immature after all, and was unable to do a lot of work. In the end, she felt guilty and asked to resign and returned to work at the bank counter.
So her salary is still the same as before. First URL m.
“My mother’s birthday is coming soon, so I want to make more money and buy a jade bracelet for my mother. For so many years, my mother has been paying for my brother and me. For my birthday this year, I want to give my mother a big surprise.” said this When talking, Li Xiaohong’s eyebrows flashed with inexplicable light.
She has been working here part-time for nearly three months.
Working at the bank during the day and serving as a waiter at a restaurant in the evening, Li Xiaohong does not even have any time for leisure and entertainment for nearly eighteen hours a day.
Of course tired.
But Li Xiaohong did not regret it, and was even tired and happy.
As long as she can see her mother’s happy and satisfied smiling face on her birthday this year, all her efforts in these three months will be worth it.
“Mr. Chu, take a look, does this bracelet look good?”
While talking, Li Xiaohong had carefully taken out a tightly packaged exquisite bracelet from her arms.
Today, the bank paid her salary, plus the accumulation of part-time jobs in the previous two months, she undoubtedly had enough money, so she couldn’t wait to buy this bracelet immediately. In a few days, the restaurant will settle her salary again, and she will use it to pay the rent and food for this month.
The children of the poor are in charge early, and Li Xiaohong has already planned where every penny should be spent.
Ye Fan smiled lightly: “Well, it looks good. But it should be expensive? Is it worth the hard work for a bracelet?”
“No, Mr. Chu, you don’t understand. As long as it makes my mother happy, I am willing to work hard.”
“I have never had a father since I was a child. It was my mother who brought me up with my younger brother. She was reluctant to eat, wear, and dress up. The only accessory on her body was bought from a roadside stall for two dollars. Plastic bracelet.”
“My mother has given so much to my brother and me. Her best youth, her most beautiful years, and her own health have been given to me and my brother. Now that I graduated from university and also worked, I want to make money and let Mom has to work less hard.”
“This bracelet is the first gift I gave to my mother. In the future, I will give my mother more and better gifts.”

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