A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 228

As he spoke, Li Xiaohong’s eyes turned red, and Ye Fan clearly saw the crystal tears on Li Xiaohong’s pretty face. But she was still smiling, her smile was so bright, like a lotus in June.
At this moment, Ye Fan was stunned. From her, he seemed to see his own shadow. Their life experience is so similar.
“Mr. Chu, I’m sorry, I have said too much. I can’t talk anymore, there are still several tables of wine I haven’t served yet. I have to go quickly.” Li Xiaohong wiped his eyes, then turned his head and quickly went to serve the tea and deliver the wine. Up.
Seeing the woman running upstairs and downstairs holding a few bottles of beer, Ye Fan couldn’t believe how such a delicate girl could get this power.
“Let me help you.”
Ye Fan walked up and took those beers from Li Xiaohong’s arms, but they helped her deliver them.
At this time, in a room on the second floor.
Susie is having dinner with two friends.
She has just returned to China, and her former friends will naturally gather together.
“Cici, where’s Mucheng? Why didn’t she come with her.” The one who was talking was a woman with heavy makeup. Although she was not as luxurious as Susie, she was also a valuable brand.
Her name is Yang Qian, and Qiu Mucheng and others were classmates before and they all knew each other. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Hey, Qianqian, don’t mention her, that guy is a workaholic. I work overtime until late, and I called her several times today. She said she was busy and couldn’t come.” Susie drank a glass of red wine. But said angrily.
“Oh? Didn’t I hear that our college graduate Qiuhua is married? How can we still fight like this and let her husband raise her?” At this time, the speaker was a thin man with short white sleeves and a wrist A Rolex watch is extremely handsome.
“Xue Lin, let me tell you, don’t mention her husband. I’ll get angry when you say this. Don’t you know what the husband of Mucheng married is? He was born in the country, and he was a whole hillbilly. No background, don’t tell me. I still don’t have the ability to eat dry food all day long for Mucheng to raise. The key is still not good enough, so I came to the Qiu family and became the son-in-law?”
“It’s as unbearable as it is, and it’s a thousand miles away from my male god.” Susie poured herself a glass of red wine.
“No way?”
“I think Mucheng was also a famous school flower in our school back then. Isn’t the married person so unbearable?” Yang Qian was surprised, pretending to be sorry, but there was an inexplicable joy in her heart.
Human nature is like this. Seeing the man in the world who could not catch up with the dust in the past, but now life is worse than her own, Yang Qian naturally feels inexplicably comfortable in her heart.
Xue Lin also expressed regret from the side, repeatedly saying that Mu Cheng had married the wrong person.
“is not that right?”
“If Mucheng had agreed to your pursuit back then, it wouldn’t have been so hard now.” Susie felt sorry for her girlfriend for a while, but she felt furious.
After marrying such a waste, she asked Qiu Mucheng to divorce him as soon as possible. Isn’t Qiu Mucheng happy?
“Isn’t this ruining myself?” Susie poured another glass of wine, and then found that the bottle was empty, so she called the waiter to deliver the wine.
“Your wine is here.” Soon, someone brought the wine up and stood there, waiting for Susie and the others to get it.
Susie frowned suddenly: “Don’t wince? Why don’t you open the wine and put it on the table? Fortunately, this restaurant also claims to be a high-end restaurant, and the waiter is so unprofessional?”
Susie had a bad temper, but now that she drank some wine, her temper became even worse, and she gave the wine-giver a slap in the face. However, when Susie saw the face of the wine giver, she was shocked, and Jiujin woke up for three minutes.
“You…you 8d1d8b66 isn’t that Ye Fan?”
“Orange, that wimpy husband?”
“Why are you here? Still giving away wine?”
Susie was dumbfounded. Didn’t expect to see Ye Fan here?

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