A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 229

“Didn’t you go back to the country to see your mother?”
“How come here to work as a waiter to do this sort of job.”
“Don’t go back soon!”
“If this spreads out, Mu Cheng’s face will be lost sooner or later!”
Susie was surprised, and then shouted at Ye Fan angrily.
Ye Fan just glanced at her, didn’t speak, turned around and went downstairs, and continued to help Li Xiaohong deliver wine.
“Cici, the waiter at 188107df is really Mucheng’s husband?”
“How unbelievable is Mucheng, marrying such a person?!” After Ye Fan left, Yang Qian and Xue Lin were also full of disbelief and asked Susie in surprise.
“It turned out to be a waiter?”
“This is too bad.”
“Mucheng is not as good as my babysitter now, does her husband have at least a formal job?” Yang Qian sighed strangely, and finally said with a sneer. In his eyebrows, there was a bit more disdain and contempt for Qiu Mucheng. Remember to read in one second
“It’s really impermanent. Who would have thought that the once beautiful school girl, after falling into the altar, has lived so badly. Cici, you also persuade Mucheng, if she has been living with such a person, In the future, she is destined to become two worlds with us, and we can’t play together.”
Yang Qian’s remarks seemed to care about Qiu Mucheng, but they were actually ridiculing, full of superiority in her tone.
It seems that in her eyes, Qiu Mucheng, who was the daughter of the autumn family and the beauty of the school girl, has completely lost sight of everyone, and is no longer qualified to play in a circle with a lady of her kind.
Susie heard it naturally, but Yang Qian was telling the truth. Economic conditions determine a person’s life circle.
If Qiu Mucheng had been obsessed with not divorcing Ye Fan, it would be really difficult for Qiu Mucheng to integrate into the circle of these rich ladies in the future.
“No, I can’t let Mucheng go wrong like this anymore.”
While speaking, Susie got up and went downstairs immediately.
At this time, Ye Fan was still helping Li Xiaohong with wine.
“Do you have time, let’s have a chat.” Susie walked over, and the smell of expensive perfume came on her face.
Looking at the stylishly dressed and delicate woman in front of him, Ye Fan nodded.
After all, it was Mucheng’s best friend, Ye Fan naturally had to show some face, so he followed Susie over.
Susie found an empty table to sit down, and then ordered two cups of tea.
“Does my perfume smell good?”
After Susie sat down, she asked Ye Fan in front of her softly.
Ye Fan didn’t know why Su Qian asked this suddenly, but she just nodded politely.
“Do you know what perfume it is?” Susie continued to ask, but she didn’t wait for Ye Fan to answer, she said to herself, “This is Creed perfume, the English name is Creed. It is European and American royal family, politician, star Favorite luxury perfume. Creed only accepts 15 private orders a year, starting at $30,000, each is legendary.”
“This kind of perfume is not common in our upper class, and it is normal if you don’t know it.”
Susie said slowly, Ye Fan didn’t speak, but frowned slightly.
“Miss, your tea.”
At this time, the tea ordered by Susie was also delivered. After she took it, she took a sip and continued: “There is this tea. Do you know what it is?”
Susie continued without waiting for Ye Fan to answer.
There is no need to wait.
In Susie’s view, it is impossible for a countryman like Ye Fan to understand this.
This world is inherently unequal, and there is a gap between the bottom and the top.
It’s like that Kreide perfume, let alone smell it, before that, he was afraid he hadn’t even heard of it.
This is the gap.

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