A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 233

When the jade bracelet fell to the ground, when the birthday gift she gave to her mother broke, Li Xiaohong only felt that her heart was also broken.
No one can understand how heartbreaking Li Xiaohong was at the time.
Tears flowed out almost instantly, she ran over and squatted on the ground, holding the broken bracelet in her hand, crying constantly. Tears had blurred her eyes, and the sad sobbing sound was so helpless.
Director Wei still sneered, showing no mercy: “This time is a lesson for you.”
“Next time you serve a plate, remember to keep your eyes open!”
Seeing Li Xiaohong who was kneeling on the ground and crying, the old man was full of disdain and contempt. With a cold snort, he was about to leave.
“Director Wei, are you a bit too much to do this to a woman who is not deeply involved in the world?”
However, at this moment, a cold voice sounded quietly from the front.
Director Wei frowned, thinking that it was some big man who was nosy. When he was thinking about how to deal with it, he looked up but saw Ye Fan walking towards here, holding a few bottles of beer for the guests.
Director Wei suddenly smiled, “Oh, what kind of person am I? It turned out to be another dog who doesn’t live or die.”
“You are a little waiter, don’t you want to be a man with your tail clipped. Do you dare to take care of the affairs of this supervisor?”
“Who gave you the courage!”
“Hurry up and go back to work. I’m anxious, I’ll let you roll your bed!”
Director Wei scolded angrily.
Li Xiaohong refused his request before, which made him very unhappy. Now he did not expect that a waiter would come out to confront him.
Director Wei is in charge of the restaurant and is used to domineering blessings. How can he tolerate two humble waiters against him like this?
“Mr. Chu, I’m fine.”
“I’m used to it. I’m just an insignificant girl. It’s not worthy of your showing up for me.”
“What’s more, it’s all my fault. I didn’t do my job well and I offended others~”
Li Xiaohong shed tears and cried sadly.
At this moment, her brows were red, but she was blocking Ye Fan, not wanting Ye Fan to conflict with others because of her.
Until now, Li Xiaohong still took all the responsibility on herself, saying that everything was her own fault, she didn’t blame others, let Ye Fan not offend people because of her.
After all, she knows how small she is. Born in the country, but unknown. In the eyes of those big people, she is small, like a dust.
Because of the family, Li Xiaohong has suffered too much ridicule and humiliation since she was a child.
She is accustomed to, accustomed to resignation, accustomed to carrying humiliation.
She is insignificant, not worthy of Ye Fan for her.
However, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear to Li Xiaohong’s dissuasion. The pace of advance did not stop, still slowly approaching the middle-aged man.
“Director Wei, do you really think we haven’t seen what happened just now?”
“Obviously you ran into Xiaohong, but you falsely accused Lai Xiaohong for not having long eyes.”
“Moreover, even if Xiaohong is at fault, you can only blame her for a few words. At most, she will compensate the restaurant for some losses.”
“But why did you break that bracelet?”
“Do you know what you broke?”
“That was a gift Xiaohong gave to her mother, and it was Xiaohong’s filial piety.”
“For this bracelet, she has two jobs, two jobs.”
“She worked day and night for three months.”
“A hundred days and nights of hard work, you broke it all at once.”
Ye Fan said lightly, with a smile at the corner of his mouth, but who knows what kind of amusement is in Ye Fan’s smile at this moment? What kind of anger suppressed.

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