A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 234

“By the way, I almost forgot.”
“You are the manager, you are a big man, and you are above the top, how can you appreciate the difficulty of these poor people? I am afraid that you don’t know what I said. I don’t want to know~”
“You are right! In front of you poor people, this supervisor is a big man, an existence that you can’t afford. Don’t say that I dropped her a bracelet, today I beat her and fucked her, How can you help me if you are so poor? If you know me, get out of here, otherwise, this supervisor will handle it with you today.” Director Wei was also angry, a humble and contemptuous waiter, who turned his back. Dare to point fingers at him in public.
“A poor dick can’t cure you?” Director Wei cursed coldly.
And Ye Fan’s expression was also completely cold at this time.
“In that case, there is nothing to say.”
“Huh? What are you doing? You stinky boy, do you still have to do something to me?” Upon hearing Ye Fan’s words, Director Wei panicked and said angrily.
Ye Fansen smiled: “You are right.”
“Asshole, dare you?” Director Wei was shocked, his old eyes widened immediately.
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Immediately afterwards, in the restaurant, only a loud noise was heard.
Ye Fan turned around and kicked directly on the old man’s belly.
In the screams, Director Wei’s body of several hundred jins actually flew directly. Along the way, I don’t know how many tables and chairs were smashed, how many plates of wine were smashed, and finally, like a waste dog, it smashed to the ground and mixed with blood. The bile vomited all over the place.
Falling to the ground, he couldn’t help rolling and moaning, lying on his stomach like a dog, but he couldn’t even stand up.
At this moment, everyone was confused.
The whole restaurant was silent.
Even Xue Lin and Yang Qian, who had been watching the development of things here on the second floor of the restaurant, had their eyes widened immediately.
Obviously, everyone did not expect that a humble and contemptuous waiter would be so angry that he would kick the restaurant director?
What is he doing?
Is he crazy?
He wants to rebel!
Everyone looked at each other, only to think it was incredible and shocking the world.
While Xue Lin trembled, he also sighed, “Mucheng, the door-to-door son-in-law, is also somewhat bloody.”
“What kind of bullshit? This is just for death. Wait and see, this Shengtian restaurant has a big background. This hillbilly is causing trouble now, and I am afraid that he will suffer.” Yang Qian sneered and tried to belittle Qiu Mu. This waste husband of Orange is ready to watch the show while gloating.
Sure enough, after a short while, several big men came out in a swarm upstairs.
Especially the one who walked in the middle, with majestic eyebrows, a flower dragon tattooed on his arm, and his eyes full of fierce anger.
After going downstairs, his men immediately moved him an armchair and sat on it.
“This…this is, Brother Leopard?”
“The subordinates of Li Erye are in charge of this land snake in the eastern suburbs of Yunzhou!”
“I’m going, Brother Leopard is out.”
“The young man, I’m afraid he is dead~”
“He’s done!
“No one can save him~”
The appearance of this person called “Leopard Brother” is undoubtedly like a boulder into the sea, setting off a huge wave. The entire restaurant exploded immediately, and they were talking. Looking at Ye Fan, his eyes were full of pity and misfortune.
Obviously, in the eyes of everyone, Ye Fan is a waiter, and now the person who beat Leopard must be finished!
On the second floor, Xue Lin, who had been watching the development of the matter, frowned upon seeing this and got up to go downstairs.
“Xue Lin, what are you doing?” Yang Qian asked quickly.
Xue Lin replied: “Brother Leopard knows my second uncle, so I will go down to intercede. Ye Fan is not very promising, but after all, he is Mucheng’s husband and classmate, so he can’t die.”
Yang Qian persuaded, “What do you care about this nosy? This hillbilly is so proud, even Cici dared to fight just now. It’s a good thing for this kind of person to suffer a bit. Otherwise, it won’t be a long lesson, and it will cause trouble next time.”
Yang Qian was talking cold words on the side, but she stopped Xue Lin from letting him go and help.

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