A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 236

At the same time, the big guys beside Xu Bao also showed their fierceness immediately. The baseball bats in his hands had already been taken out. It seemed that as long as Ye Fan said a word, these people would immediately pounce on them.
“Really?” Ye Fan sneered, “Then let me remind you that if you provoke me, you can’t bear the consequences.”
I go!
“This kid Biao~”
“At this time, still pretending to be here?”
“Isn’t this an idiot?”
Hearing what Ye Fan said, the guests in the room immediately laughed, full of sarcasm and sneer, looking at Ye Fan as if they were an idiot.
“Mucheng, this wimpy husband, is there a pit in his head, right?”
“Brother Leopard is Li Erye’s person, he dare to contradict?” Yang Qian looked at this scene, immediately happy, and her smile was full of mockery.
Xue Lin also shook his head.
This Ye Fan, this time I am afraid he is dead! First URL m.
Sure enough, after hearing Ye Fan’s words, Xu Bao’s expression completely cooled down, and he even stopped playing with the woman’s hand wantonly.
“Boy, since you insist on seeking death, then I will fulfill you.”
“Aron Amu, go up 9498c7db and break his leg!” Xu Bao gave an order.
“Don’t, let’s go together, I’m in a hurry.” Ye Fan replied lightly.
“Cao Nima, you are looking for death!” Xu Bao and the others exploded immediately, and in anger, those big guys wanted to dry Ye Fan with the guy.
However, at this time, Ye Fan suddenly raised his hand.
When Xu Bao saw this, he thought Ye Fan was stunned, and suddenly smiled: “Why, now I know I’m afraid?”
“What are you doing?”
“Hurry up and apologize to Lao Tzu on his knees?!!!”
Xu Bao yelled, and the others looked at Ye Fan like a strange flower. They thought that this man was a bit bloody, but now it seems that he is just a coercion. When he was frightened, he wilted before he even started.
Yang Qian also sneered in disdain, picked up the phone, turned on the video, and waited for a while to record when Ye Fan knelt down, and then posted it on the Internet to make Qiu Mucheng’s wretched husband angry.
However, just as everyone was waiting to see Ye Fan kneel, Ye Fan’s raised hand was put to his ear: “Hey, who?”
Second Austria!
At that moment, the audience was silent.
The corners of Xu Bao’s eyes almost twitched.
Everyone in the audience was also stagnated.
What a shame!
They didn’t expect that Ye Fan just stretched out his hand just to answer the phone? ! ! !
Xu Bao only felt that he was greatly humiliated!
My subordinates all picked up the guys and were ready to fight, but they were fine, and they even made the phone calls happily.
At this moment, the restaurant was silent, and everyone looked at Ye Fan alone with a stunned expression.
“Oh, is it already here?”
“I have encountered something.”
“Okay, come here. It’s in the nearby Shengtian restaurant.”
Soon, Ye Fan hung up the phone, only to find that everyone was looking at him with strange eyes.
“Okay, go ahead.” Ye Fan put down the phone and said lightly.
“Continue to be paralyzed!”
“Are you going to accompany you as an old man? Can you pause halfway?” Xu Bao cursed angrily.
“However, when I heard your call just now, I called someone for help, right?”
“Okay, I will accompany you today to have fun, thoroughly play, can’t you play with you?”
“Except for Li Erye, I, Xu Bao, are here in Yunzhou, so why are you afraid of whom I will gather?” Xu Bao grinned.
When Ye Fan heard this, he was immediately happy: “Coincidentally, the call was from Li Erye just now. He said he wanted to invite me to his house for dinner.”

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