A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 235

Seeing Yang Qian stopped, Xue Lin didn’t go downstairs after all, sitting there and continuing to watch with Yang Qian.
Yang Qian is also right. For such incompetent country folks, it is not a bad thing to suffer. After all, one can gain wisdom by eating a ditch.
“I hope he can recognize himself after tonight.”
“In the future, you will be a human being with your tail between you, so that you won’t cause trouble for Mucheng.”
Xue Lin sighed, but his words were full of sympathy for Qiu Mucheng.
The reason why he wanted to help Ye Fan just now was just because of Qiu Mucheng’s face. As for Ye Fan, a humble native, an incompetent door-to-door son-in-law, Xue Lin would also dismiss this kind of person if he were not related to Qiu Mucheng.
These self-proclaimed upper-class people have a natural sense of superiority towards Ye Fan’s impoverishment.
Restaurant lobby.
At this time it has been quiet.
The guests who had been talking about it also took a few steps back and watched coldly in the distance. Many people looked at Ye Fan with pity, and sneered coldly.
“The young people nowadays are really new born calves that are not afraid of tigers.” Remember to read a book for one second
“A waiter, even the supervisor dare to beat him?”
“The supervisor is Leopard’s person.”
“He is afraid that he will suffer now~”
When everyone was watching the excitement, the man with the flowered arms called “Brother Leopard” had already arrived downstairs.
“Brother Leopard, take a seat!”
“Brother Leopard, take a seat~”
Several of his staff placed a grand division chair in the middle of the room, and then stood respectfully on both sides, inviting Brother Leopard to take a seat.
“Yeah.” The man with arms nodded, hum. In the end he sat there with a big thorn, with Erlang’s legs tilted, an unlit cigar in his hand, and a charming woman with a black silk skirt in his arms.
“Brother Leopard, fire!”
Upon seeing this, the subordinates immediately stepped forward, took out the lighter, bowed and set fire to Brother Leopard.
Looking at the flower-armed man in front of him who looked like the earth emperor, the surrounding guests were crazy with envy.
What is life?
This is so called life!
Seated proudly like a king, beautiful women in his arms, others light up cigarettes.
“As expected of Brother Leopard!”
Just this appearance, all domineering side leaks, pretending to be extremely forceful.
“Boy, my man, was you hitting it just now?” The man with arms was smoking a cigarette, and a faint voice was quietly heard in the restaurant.
When he said this, the man with arms did not even look at Ye Fan, but lowered his head, admiring the alluring whiteness under the collar of the woman in his arms.
“Brother Leopard, I hate it~”
At this time, there was even a hum of the woman in her arms who wanted to refuse.
Naked contempt for Ye Fan!
Also, how could Ye Fan, a small waiter, get into Xu Bao’s eyes?
From beginning to end, Xu Bao didn’t see Ye Fan directly.
However, Ye Fan looked at Xu Bao, who was domineering in front of him, and sneered, “Sure enough, what kind of dog is there?”
“I advise you to take care of your subordinates and teach them to be individuals.”
In the face of Xu Bao, Ye Fan was not afraid at all, but his cold words didn’t save him a bit of face.
“Smelly boy, you are looking for death!”
Xu Bao’s subordinates were immediately furious, and they were going to teach Ye Fan a step forward, but Xu Bao reached out to stop them.
“It’s a bloody man, Brother Leopard appreciates it.”
“Forget it, for the sake of your youth and ignorance, I can’t help you today.”
“Kneel down and apologize, even if this matter has been exposed. In addition, these losses in my store, as well as my hospital expenses, do not give you more, let your parents pay 300,000 over to compensate, by the way Lead you back.”
“Otherwise, Brother Leopard reminds you first, the consequences, I’m afraid you can’t afford it.”
Xu Bao’s words suddenly became abrupt, and a wave of majesty suddenly radiated, and many people’s expressions changed.

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