A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 238

“Mr. Shen came here, and if you miss it, please forgive me.”
Xu Bao bowed his head and bowed, his respectful look was almost humble into the dust.
At this time, Xu Bao was trembling in his heart. Wondering why Shen Jiuyi came.
Others don’t know, he Xu Bao knows that Shen Jiuyi is the number one celebrity under Li Erye.
Both status and power are much higher than Xu Bao.
He Xu Bao is at best a dogleg of the second master.
See you now, of course, respectfully bow down.
However, in the face of Xu Bao’s worship, Shen Jiuyi didn’t even look at it. He pushed to the side and led everyone behind him towards Ye Fan.
“Mr. Chu, second master please!” Shen Jiuyi bowed and bowed, admiring him.
For a time, it was like a huge boulder falling into the sea, causing a thousand layers of waves.
After Shen Jiuyi’s words fell, the dozen or so big men in suits behind him also bowed to bow. Remember to read in one second
“Mr. Chu, please, Second Master!”
“Second Lord, please!!”
A dozen big men were all over, all bowed and bowed and worshiped respectfully.
The revered voices converged into a stream, only if thunder rolled past, shaking the entire restaurant.
Deathly silence.
After Shen Jiuyi and others worshipped Ye Fan, the entire restaurant was silent for a moment. The sound of a needle falling can almost be heard.
Only the cold wind swept across the hall of Nuo Da, and only the sound of respect echoed.
Li Xiaohong was stunned.
Xue Lin and Yang Qian’s eyes widened.
Xu Bao himself could only be smashed in place by thunder.
At this moment, everyone present was sluggish.
No one spoke, and no one dared to speak, only endless shocks swept across everyone’s hearts.
In the restaurant, only Ye Fan, his thin body stood there like that.
He stood with his hands behind, he smiled proudly. The breeze blew the tips of his forehead hair, and nodded at Shen Jiuyi, who respectfully invited him in front of him: “Yeah. Li Er, it is also intentional.”
After saying this, Ye Fan raised his head and looked at Xu Bao, who had already been scared to death, and smiled lightly: “Brother Leopard, how?”
“Before I said Lao Er Li invited me to dinner. You didn’t believe it at the time, but now you are credible?”
“I said you can’t offend me, and you don’t believe it. Now, are you credible?”
Ye Fan’s words are like a knife. Every word almost plunged into Xu Bao’s heart.
At this time, Xu Leopard was almost frightened, and his whole body was shaking. Especially Ye Fan’s last drink, in fact, the mighty power, shocking Xu Bao took several steps back and forth. Finally, he fell into the grand division chair behind him, and turned the chair directly on the ground.
When Shen Jiuyi saw this, he understood the situation almost instantly.
His complexion sank, and when he looked at Xu Bao, he was immediately angry: “Xu Bao, you are such a brave man, second master’s distinguished guest, do you dare to insult?”
“It seems that you think your life is too long.”
“In that case, remember to eat something tonight, and the second master will send you on the road tomorrow!”
“Don’t, Shen… Mr. Shen. I… I was wrong, I was really wrong, you begged the second master for me, I really didn’t know that he was a distinguished guest of the second master.”
“President Shen, I…I don’t want to die yet, don’t tell Erye~”
Xu Bao was scared, almost crying and begging. He didn’t expect that a bastard he had originally looked down upon would become Xu Bao’s gravedigger.

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