A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 239

“This Xu Bao was also considered as the second master’s capable man before, and he has been with the second master for a long time. However, due to his improper conduct, the second master did not reuse him. He was only transferred to this Dongcheng district to help the second master manage the restaurant.”
“He did a lot of extraordinary things before, but the second master didn’t embarrass him too much by thinking about his old feelings.”
“But today, this Xu Leopard offended her husband. This time, the second master will definitely start cruelly and push this Xu Bao down completely.”
At this time, Ye Fan was already in the car. Together with Shen Jiuyi, rushed to the Yunjing Villa where Li Lao Er lived.
As for Xu Bao, Shen Jiuyi has already been brought under control, just waiting for Li Lao Er to deal with him. And Li Xiaohong also received due compensation.
“Character is the foundation of a person.”
“A person, no matter how talented, has poor character, and cannot be reused.” Ye Fan said lightly while sitting in the car.
“What Mr. Chu said is that I will pass these words to the second master one by one.” Shen Jiuyi replied respectfully.
“Yeah.” Ye Fan nodded, then didn’t speak any more, closed his eyes and concentrated, and sat in the car safely.
Outside the car window, the wheels are galloping, and a large number of luxury cars are speeding on the streets of Yunzhou. First URL m.
The orange light, like a sword, tore through the dark night.
That low engine roared, just like a beast roaring!
Soon, Ye Fan and others arrived at Li’s second cloud view villa.
In front of the villa, Li’s second child had already waited there early. After seeing Ye Fan’s arrival, he immediately stepped forward to greet him.
“Welcome to Mr. Chu~”
“My second child, I have prepared a banquet, waiting for 9f9e5ee4 for a long time, and waiting for Mr. Chu to arrive.”
With a flattering smile on Lao Er’s face, he took three steps and two steps before walking in the direction of Ye Fan.
“What, what big man am I?”
“It turned out to be a young man, not a few years older than me.”
“Just him, return Mr. Chu?”
“I really don’t know what my second elder brother is thinking, but he actually gave Jiang Dong’s life and death to him?”
At this time, Li Lao Er had already taken the Li family to welcome Ye Fan.
In front of the villa, there was a beautiful young girl standing there holding her hands. The self-cultivation chiffon dress, however, outlines her delicate body with concavities and convexities, especially the slender jade legs under the long skirt, but it is particularly attractive, it is difficult to not pay attention. The black ponytail stands up high, showing the vitality of a young girl.
His name is Li Xueqi, Li Er’s sister.
It’s just that Li Xueqi doesn’t seem very happy now. The original expectation and curiosity, after seeing Ye Fan, undoubtedly turned into loss in an instant.
“Miss, Mr. Chu is here, why don’t you come over to greet him? The second master specifically asked you to have a good relationship with Mr. Chu?” Jin Bao immediately persuaded Li Xueqi who was still standing there.
Li Xueqi snorted coldly: “It’s just a hairy boy. Let this young lady come to meet him, he deserves it too?”
After Li Xueqi finished speaking, she turned her head and left.
Prior to this, Li Xueqi thought that Mr. Chu should be a suave and elegant gentleman. But after seeing Ye Fan’s poorly dressed up, the beautiful image before was undoubtedly shattered instantly.
“Come to see my second brother, still wearing a pair of sneakers?”
“Who is this kind of turtle!”
Li Xueqi walked away angrily, leaving Jin Bao alone, smiling to herself.

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