A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 243

“Yes, brother, did you say the wrong order?”
“My teacher is highly respected and famous in the martial arts world. What qualifications does this brat have to let my teacher serve as a foil for him?”
Li Xueqi couldn’t stand it anymore, and said indignantly at her second brother.
“shut up!”
“You Nizi are getting worse and worse. Take a bite and take a bite. You are so bold.”
“Do you know that as long as Mr. Chu is willing, he can kill you in one step!”
Li Er was also angry, and shouted at Li Xueqi.
“If you talk more, just get out of here.”
“I let you go to this banquet for your knowledge, not for you to mess with me here!”
Li Er’s rage undoubtedly completely shocked Li Xueqi.
Li Xueqi’s face was pale, but she dared not speak anymore. But the disdain for Ye Fan in his heart obviously did not dissipate. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
She couldn’t figure out how, how could a person about her age be treated with such respect by her second brother.
No matter how great he is, can he still be better than his own teacher?
After all, national martial arts cannot be practiced overnight. Only by accumulating training and learning, can you burst out with great strength.
Even if the so-called Mr. Chu in front of him began to practice martial arts from his mother’s womb, it was impossible for him to practice martial arts longer than his own teacher.
After reprimanding Li Xueqi, Li Er looked at Xinghe on the side again and calmly said: “The owner of Xinghe Pavilion, I know you have high morals. But this decision is made by Jianghai Chen Ao, Lei Laosan from Jingzhou and other big men in Jiangdong It was negotiated together. So I hope that there will be a large number of Master Xinghe Pavilion, and the overall situation of Jiangdong will be the most important thing, not to embarrass me.”
Li Er persuaded in a deep voice.
However, how could Xing He give up easily? He stood up and replied coldly: “Okay, second master, I won’t make you embarrassed, old man.”
“Since the Jiangdong guys don’t believe me, Xing, then today, why not let me have a discussion with this junior.”
“What, junior, can you dare to fight me?”
“If I lose, I am willing to serve as a foil!”
“If you lose, this is the final position, then give up, let the strong take it.”
Xing He’s words were strong, and his old eyes looked straight at Ye Fan. His whole body was aggressive, and his old face was even more aggressive.
“This~~” Li Er suddenly hesitated.
Xing He’s words undoubtedly hit Li Er’s arms.
The reason for the sudden addition of Xinghe was because Li Er and the others were worried that Ye Fan’s strength would be difficult to parry Wu Herong.
After all, from the beginning to the end, they had only seen Ye Fan once. Whether it is luck or strength remains to be verified.
Now that Xing He proposes to fight, can’t you just look at Ye Fan’s strength?
Therefore, Li Er also looked at Ye Fan at this time and asked in a low voice, “Mr. Chu, the master of Xinghe Pavilion insists on fighting, do you think?”
Ye Fan did not answer in a hurry, but took a sip of tea, and then chuckled: “The master of Xinghe Pavilion, you are a descendant of Tai Chi, a master of Chinese martial arts, or master of a martial arts center. These names are indeed powerful in the eyes of ordinary people. .”
“But the things you are proud of, in my eyes, are just some of the ostentatious frustrations of gold and jade. Bluffing is still okay, but if it is a real gun, it is too far away.”
“You are afraid that even boxing champion Holden can’t hold a punch. As for fighting me, why are you qualified?”
“Vertical arrogant!”
Ye Fan’s words fell, and Xinghe on the side was undoubtedly exploded in an instant, his old face was pale, but he was very angry.

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