A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 271

After all, Zhao Lichun was taken away. Waiting for him in the future will be a ruthless trial by the law and a dark prison.
It is estimated that Zhao Lichun had never imagined that the man in the countryside he looked down upon before him would eventually become his gravedigger.
He used to be Ye Fan’s nonsense words, but now they have come to an end. After all, he ended up in a prison.
Before leaving, Ye Fan’s domineering haunted Zhao Lichun’s ears.
“There are real dragons lying in the poor countryside!”
“Although I am incompetent, I still have the power of the world~”
“Hahaha, what a poor country, there are real dragons lying around~”
“It’s a good one, although I’m in a bad place, I still have the power of the world~”
“It’s me, Zhao Lichun, I lost my eyes~” Remember to read for a second,
Zhao Lichun looked up to the sky and sighed, but above his old eyes, there were long tears and sad laughter, echoing here for a long time.
No one knows what kind of regret Zhao Lichun had in his heart at that time.
If he had known that Ye Fan was so majestic, he would have killed him and would definitely not dare to provoke Ye Fan the slightest.
But life has no ifs. Sometimes, a person’s success and failure are only between one thought.
Just like today, if Zhao Lichun is not greedy for money and promises Liu Jiawei to deal with Ye Fan, how can he end up like this?
When Zhao Lichun was taken away, the surrounding citizens were also sighed with emotion.
Thinking about half an hour ago, Zhao Lichun, who was still brave and majestic, had become such a situation now.
This life situation is really fickle.
After the incident was over, Ye Fan didn’t stay long, so he rushed to the Wuhui Guild Hall with Lei San.
Taishan Guild Hall used to be a boxing venue, specially built for underground boxing matches, so it occupies a huge area, and the whole Guild Hall is also very luxurious. The huge dome is like a sword thrusting into the world, just like this towering at the foot of Mount Tai.
“Mr. Chu, these are the clothes you want, and I will send them to you.”
When dealing with Zhao Lichun and the others in the restaurant just now, they soiled Ye Fan’s clothes and was covered with drinks. Ye Fan then asked Lei San to help him get another outfit to change.
White short sleeves, black sportswear, and a pair of Nike sneakers.
“Well, it’s not bad, and the size of the shoes is just right.” Ye Fan was wearing this brand-name sports shoes for the first time, and the comfort was really good.
“Okay, you can go in first.” After changing his clothes, Ye Fan said lightly to Lei San.
Lei San suddenly wondered: “Mr. Chu, won’t you come in with me?”
These big men naturally have a dedicated VIP channel, but looking at what Ye Fan meant, it seemed that they were not going to enter the arena with him.
“No, I can go through the ordinary passage, just to find a few friends.” Ye Fan replied.
When Lei San saw this, he didn’t ask any more: “Since Mr. Chu still has friends, then I won’t bother and will pass. But Mr. Chu, you have to play in a while, don’t miss the time. , Jiangdong’s life and death depend on Mr. Chu.”
Lei Laosan said a lot of words again, but seeing that Ye Fan was a little impatient, Lei Laosan stopped speaking and quickly turned away.
After breaking up with Lei Lao, Ye Fan turned and left.
However, not far away, a white BMW car drove over, and a stunning figure walked off the car and looked around outside the hall, seemingly looking for a parking space.
However, just as the beautiful woman looked around, her brows were slightly frowned, and she was slightly lost looking at a figure in front of her.

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