A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 274

There was noise everywhere, and discussions everywhere.
In the front, almost everyone appeared, and there was a place where there was a burst of respect and noise.
Until the last two people appeared, the atmosphere of the entire venue undoubtedly reached a peak.
The audience is boiling!
“I’m going, Zao Wou-Ki, the head of the Zhao family, Zao Wou-Ki!”
“The richest man in Jiangdong~”
“There are hundreds of billions of personal assets.”
“This is the boss, this is the top boss!”
“Damn, Chen Ao!”
“The proud master of Jianghai!” Remember to read in one second
“Jiangdong King Chen Ao?”
“my God!”
“Such characters have actually arrived?”
“what is it today?”
“The whole Jiangdong boss, has all the specials arrived?”
In the hall, the nearly 10,000 spectators present were almost crazy.
Before that, they only knew that tonight’s boxing match was unusual, but they didn’t expect it to be so unusual.
This is afraid that all the big bosses from the 18 cities in Jiangdong Province have all arrived.
Tonight’s Taishan Guild Hall has become the center of the entire Jiangdong!
“Orange, I heard that right?”
“Chen Ao is here too?”
“my God!”
“Jiangdong King Chen Ao?”
“What does he look like, I haven’t seen him before?”
“Isn’t he handsome? Does he have a son?”
“If I can soak Chen Ao’s son, wouldn’t this young lady be the queen of Jiangdong?”
Susie was also very excited at this time, her pretty face flushed, she couldn’t help talking while holding the corner of Qiu Mucheng’s skirt, her eyes flashing.
Qiu Mucheng was speechless, thinking that her best friend was really vulgar, and it was not money or power in her eyes.
“Okay, don’t look.”
“You choose a good position, even if you jump up, you can’t see what the parents are like.” Qiu Mucheng said angrily from the side.
Yes, Qiu Mucheng and Su Qian are sitting in the last row of the clubhouse at the moment, and they are still in the corner farthest from the front ring. You can’t see anything at all.
“I can’t help it. We came late. I also gave my brother these two tickets crying to come.” Susie was also helpless.
She couldn’t help it either. She and Qiu Mucheng only decided to come yesterday. They said it late, so naturally they didn’t have a good position.
At this time, the big men from all sides have entered the arena one after another, and wherever they passed along the way, there was cheers and respect, and the voices of congratulations converged, shaking the whole world.
What is power, right?
With just one entry, it attracted millions of people and attracted everyone’s attention!
Li Xiaohong looked at the people standing on the top of this social power from a distance, but in her beautiful eyes, there was a fascination.
“Ye Fan, is this a big shot?”
“No matter where you go, it emits a dazzling light, which attracts everyone’s attention and respect.”
“I’m afraid it will be difficult to reach one-tenth of their height after working hard for a lifetime.”
Li Xiaohong sighed, but in the words, there was an inexplicable loss.
This society is so unfriendly to these poor children from poor backgrounds. All kinds of resources are controlled by the powerful. They have no power, no background, and want to climb up, how difficult is it to get ahead?
Perhaps, after working hard for a lifetime, you have just paid off your mortgage.
“But Ye Fan, I think you can do it.”
“Maybe you came from a poor family, or maybe you are still trying hard in the dark.”
“But I believe that in twenty years or thirty years, you will be like Li Erye, like Lei Sanye, standing in a place where the glory of light shines, and you will be noticed by everyone.”
Li Xiaohong said with a smile, looking at Ye Fan’s beautiful eyes, but there was an inexplicable light.
From the first time he met Ye Fan, Li Xiaohong felt a distinctive temperament from him.
From then on, Li Xiaohong had an inexplicable confidence in Ye Fan.
She knew that the uncomfortable teenager who was born in the countryside like her would be destined to be extraordinary after countless years!

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