A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 275

Li Xiaohong remembered that the first encounter with Ye Fan was at Hongqi Bank.
But that time, Li Xiaohong really thought that Ye Fan was a low-key young man from a wealthy family. After all, he was treated with such politeness by their bank bosses.
Later in the Shengtian restaurant, Ye Fan asked Li Erye to respectfully invite him, and he once again asked Li Xiaohong to confirm the identity of Ye Fan’s wealthy son.
But until this time after Ye Fan revealed his family background, Li Xiaohong undoubtedly realized that he had been wrong all the time.
It turned out that Ye Fan was behind the same poor family as her.
With children from the same countryside and the same farmers, Li Xiaohong is undoubtedly better able to understand how much resistance and ridicule people like them have to face when climbing to the upper class of society.
Li Xiaohong finally understood why Ye Fan at Shengtian Restaurant would suddenly help herself, work together, and seek justice for herself. It turned out that Ye Fan saw herself in her body.
However, Ye Fan is different from her.
From the man in front of him, Li Xiaohong saw a distinctive temperament.
It is precisely because of this that Li Xiaohong feels that Ye Fan’s future must not be weaker than Li Erye or Lei Sanye.
However, listening to Li Xiaohong’s words, Wang Yu who was on the side laughed directly. First URL m.
“Just him?”
“Want to catch up with Li Erye and Lei Sanye?”
“It’s a joke!”
“Don’t talk about thirty years, just talk about three hundred years, it’s impossible.”
“He is a hillbilly, and he can only live in the dust all his life.”
“In this world, there is no background, no family background, no fart, and still thinking about getting ahead?”
“Go ahead and dream of your spring and autumn.”
Wang Yu sneered, and then looked at Ye Fan coldly: “Brother Ye Fan, it was not me who attacked you. This society is divided into high and low.”
“People like you should have recognized yourself and put yourself in the right place. Instead of focusing on that unrealistic fantasy, it is better to focus your energy on the one-third acre of land at home, thinking I want to collect more food.”
“Miss Chen, don’t you think?”
Wang Yu laughed haha. After belittling Ye Fan, he looked at Chen Nan again and said earnestly: “So, Miss Chen Nan, you still have to find someone like our Liu Shao. Big and young, people from wealthy families.”
“If you follow this kind of country folk, in the future, you will probably be limited to the one-third acre of land in the countryside.”
“Facing the loess and back to the sky, doing the cheapest work, but getting the meagreest return.”
“The kind of life that can be seen to the end at a glance, do you really want it?”
Wang Yu tried his best to flatter, and Liu Jiawei’s mood improved a lot. His waist was straight. At the same time, in order to reveal his financial resources, he deliberately rolled up his sleeves, revealing the Rolex watch on his wrist.
Chen Nan just smiled and nodded, and did not answer them.
It is estimated that Wang Yu and the others would not know how, from beginning to end, in Chen Nan’s eyes, both of them were just two clowns.
Chen Nan’s father is Jiangdong Wang Chen Ao. Whether it is financial or power, a hundred Liu Jiawei can’t be compared with Chen Nan’s family.
Chen Nan was originally born in the rich and noble township, so there is no need to cling to upstarts like Liu Jiawei.
Therefore, Chen Nan didn’t care about the things Liu Jiawei and the others showed off.
However, Chen Nan and Ye Fan didn’t explain much, they just listened to it as a joke, just how Wang Yu and Liu Jiawei performed.
It’s just that poor Li Xiaohong was kept in the dark and kept talking for Ye Fan.
“You damn girl, shut up!”
“You know what a shit!”
Every time Li Xiaohong spoke to Ye Fan, he would greet Wang Yu’s curse.
And during Ye Fan’s conversation, the front field was clearly arranged, and all the bigwigs were seated.
But according to the seats, the Jiangdong crowd is clearly divided into two factions.
On one side is the eastern city of Jiangdong headed by Jiangdong Chen Ao, and on the other is the western city headed by the richest man in Jiangdong, Zhao Wuji.
“Huh? Mr. Chen, why did you change?”

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