A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 278

After landing, Wu Herong stood proudly with his hands on his hands, but on his resolute face, there was a sharp sharpness like a blade. He was dressed in black, and his deep pupils looked at Chen Ao, and Chen Ao felt even more pressure with his biting aura.
However, Chen Ao still nodded: “Exactly.”
“You are the richest man in Jiangdong, Zao Wou-ki?” Wu Herong turned to look at the man next to Chen Ao, and asked in a deep voice.
Zao Wou-ki paled by three points, but he also said solemnly: “Exactly.”
Wu Herong looked at the two of them, and then smiled: “Back then, Wu Herong was so powerful that no one in Jiangdong could match. The eighteen cities in Jiangdong all looked forward to me.”
“Now, ten years have passed, Jiangdong actually separated the two masters?”
“You two, with this ability, can’t compare to half of my Wu Herong.”
Wu Herong shook his head and said, looking at the two people in front of him, but with contempt.
“Well, that’s all. Let’s start the boxing match tonight.”
“You two, who died first?” Wu Herong said coldly, but he didn’t save any face to Chen Ao and Zao Wou-ki at all.
Chen Ao and Zao Wou-ki’s faces trembled, but Wu Herong’s sharpness made them a little frightened. For a time, no one dared to be the first to fight. First URL m.
Upon seeing this, Wu Herong smiled even more: “What? A big Jiangdong from Nuo, is it possible that he can’t find someone to fight with me?”
Wu Herong’s words were full of ridicule, and in the end Zao Wuji suddenly gritted his teeth, stepped out, and stood up directly.
“This guy is a bit bloody.” Seeing that Zao Wou-ki had resisted the pressure at the critical moment, Chen Ao couldn’t help but admire him.
“In the land of Jiangdong, hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Isn’t it easy to find someone against you?”
“So you mean, your people will fight first?” Wu Herong looked over.
Zao Wou-ki snorted and replied proudly: “There are many people in President Chen, President Chen will go first!”
I’m a horse!
Chen Ao’s face turned black when he heard Zao Wou-ki’s words.
The one who dares to love your special mother just came forward coaxingly, just to say that I was on the first?
What forced you to pretend, but let my people from Chen Ao come out to find the way first? !
Chen Ao was so angry that he wanted to kick Zao Wou-ki to death.
“In that case, let your people play.”
Wu Herong’s gaze was already looking over, and he said coldly.
Although Chen Ao was angry, he didn’t say anything. After all, if you postpone it any more, wouldn’t it make people look at the joke, saying that Jiangdong is afraid of Wu Herong?
In the end, after Chen Ao gave Zao Wou-ki a fierce look, he then faced the place where Xing He was sitting before, clasped his fists in both hands, and shouted in a deep voice: “Curator Xinghe, I will live and die in Jiangdong, please!”
One second~
Two seconds~
Ten seconds passed.
No one responded.
Chen Ao frowned, then raised his head and looked in the direction where Xinghe was before. Only then did he discover that Xinghe’s seat was already empty.
“Where is the owner of Xinghe Pavilion?”
“What about others?”
Chen Ao suddenly wondered.
Li Lao Er and others also looked around anxiously: “Strange, people were still here just now!”
“Why does it take a while and everyone is gone?”
Just when Chen Ao and others were looking for Xinghe’s traces, at this time some of his men ran in and said anxiously to Chen Ao: “Ao, the owner of Xinghe Pavilion has already driven away just now.”
“Leave a sentence before leaving, saying that he doesn’t want to die, let Ao Ye find another expert!”
Ran! ! !
Chen Ao was suddenly shocked, and Li Lao Er and the others’ complexions turned black instantly.
Who would have thought that people would have been scared away before this hit?

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