A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 288

“I don’t believe it!”
“My dignified Scarlet King Wu Herong, can’t I still kill a junior of you?”
Wu Herong was already completely angry, his eyes were blood red, and his whole person was like a bloody wolf.
Scarlet Wolf King, this is definitely a well-known figure in the Western underground world.
The mercenary organization he led did not know how many people were frightened.
If Wu Herong’s friend back then saw that he was forced to such a degree by a junior youth, he would be shocked!
“Go to hell!”
Wu Herong roared frantically, punch after punch, punch to the flesh!
One leg after another, legs and legs are fierce!
At this time, Wu Herong was simply a mad dog, rushing to Ye Fan with desperate moves.
The stormy offensive looked at everyone in the audience! Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
However, in the face of Wu Herong’s fierce attack, Ye Fan was still so calm.
Above the delicate face, there was still a faint smile.
Ye Fan at this moment is like a flat boat above the storm. Whenever the wind blows and rains, I follow the trend.
At the end of the fight, Wu Herong was almost exhausted and collapsed, but he still didn’t touch Ye Fan’s vellus hair.
“Buckled bastard!”
“Don’t hide~”
“Fight me!”
“Hidden, what kind of hero?”
“It’s what an animal does~”
“Don’t hide if you have the ability, fight me head-on!”
“Come on~”
Wu Herong roared with anger.
Finally, Ye Fan, who had been silent for a long time, raised his face at this moment.
The moonlight is like water, mixed with the dim light, shining on Ye Fan’s body, but it is sprinkled on the ground.
He looked at Wu Herong and smiled faintly: “Okay, as you wish!”
The moment Ye Fan’s words fell, it was like a sword coming out of its box, showing its sharp edge!
Just like Wolong opened his eyes, Long Xiao for nine days!
An aura of majesty suddenly felt like a storm, which brought a violent wind to sweep across the sky.
At the next moment, everyone only saw that Ye Fan opened his hand, facing the world, grabbing the sky and holding the void.
As if caught the wind, it seems to have caught the electricity.
Afterwards, in the shocking and violent eyes of everyone, Ye Fan was stunned and struck the sky!
In the void, only a white mark flashed.
Like an electric snake flying by, like electricity like light.
Just like this, it passed away in a flash.
I have a sword to kill the world! !
As if something had cracked, sour water came out.
Ahead, Wu Herong’s forward footsteps stopped abruptly.
The whole person stopped there in a daze.
It is as if the puppet is disconnected, and it is like the machine is disconnected.
Before Wu Herong, all the fierceness, all the tyranny, all the might and power were gone. Above the old face, the only thing left is a strong shock and a terrifying panic.
He looked at Ye Fan, his pupils shrunk, and lost his voice in panic: “This…this is, Yun… Yun… Yun Daotian… book?”
How could this most humble abandoned son of the Chu family master the most secret thing of the Chu family, the Yundao Tianshu?
At this moment, Wu Herong’s eyes were full of panic.
Ye Fan retracted his hand, stood with his hand, and smiled proudly: “You still wink, see that this is the Yundao Book?”
“It’s just a pity, you killed the wrong person and sold the wrong life.”
“All of you underestimated me.”
“Not only you, but also the Chu family.”
“One day, I will let those behind you know that what they disdain today will be when they stand in front of them in the future?”
The bitter cold wind brought Ye Fan’s domineering resounding, sweeping across all directions with majesty.
At about the same time, under Wu Herong’s neck, a fascinating blood line immediately appeared.
The red blood spewed wildly.
Who could have imagined that at that instant, the Blood Wolf King, who had come across the sea and made the whole Jiangdong boss frightened by the wind, was actually blocked by Ye Fan with one blow!
Blood, cross flow~
On August 15th, on the night of the full moon, Ye Fan beheaded Wu Herong, under Mount Tai!
The whole world is shocked~

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