A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 287

Wu Herong punched out, but it was almost full of strength.
Even if the terrifying aura swept across the square, the fist wind that brought Ye Fan shook violently, and the tips of his forehead hair were messy like snow.
“Mr. Chu, be careful~”
The battle was about to start, how sudden was Wu Herong’s punch?
The fist of steel brought up the storm but swept across the world, and the majestic awe-inspiring momentum made people look like a mountain.
Even Chen Ao and the others, who were more than ten meters away, felt stressed and their expressions changed drastically.
Just now, Wu Herong used this fist to defeat Meng Baichuan, chief instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region, and then kill Meng Baichuan with several moves.
Now that Wu Herong’s old trick repeats itself, Chen Ao, Li Lao Er and others are immediately tensed.
I was afraid that Ye Fan would repeat the mistakes of Meng Baichuan.
Just when Chen Ao and others were worried, Wu Herong’s punch had already been smashed, and the iron fist straightened Ye Fan’s chest. First URL m.
Facing Wu Herong’s fierce attack, Ye Fan was calm as usual.
There was still a slight smile on his delicate face. From his eyes, everyone couldn’t see any panic or panic, and some were just as calm as if a Ping Lake stopped water.
“Pretending to be calm!”
“When I hit it, I think you can’t pretend to come out?”
Wu Herong shouted angrily, Ye Fan’s expression gave him an anger that was underestimated.
As a result, Wu Herong’s fist in his hand suddenly became fierce after a fierce drink.
An iron fist broke the air wave.
Seeing that Wu Herong’s blow was about to hit Ye Fan’s chest, who could have thought that Ye Fan’s body immediately leaned back, a beautiful iron bridge.
The giant fist was wrapped in a wave of air, and just wiped the corner of Ye Fan’s clothes and whizzed away.
“Did off!”
“Mr. Chu is amazing~”
“This iron bridge alone has surpassed a stupid man who thinks he is alive by a thousand times.”
Seeing Ye Fan dodging Wu Herong’s punch, Chen Ao and the others immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Unknowingly, cold sweat overflowed on their backs.
When Li Er was excited, he even laughed triumphantly.
His voice is not small, he seems to be deliberately speaking to someone,
Sure enough, Zao Wou-ki’s face turned dark at the time, and he snorted, “Don’t be too early.”
“This is only the first move, and it is dangerous and dangerous to escape.”
“This kind of luck, he can have it once, is it possible that he can’t make it a second time?”
As soon as Zao Wou-ki’s words fell, Wu Herong’s second punch in the ring was hit again.
Ye Fan dodged sideways, but Wu Herong’s attack fell into the empty space again.
This face slap came too fast, like a tornado. At that time, Zao Wou-ki’s old face was green and turned into shit, but he couldn’t say a word.
“Mr. Zhao, does this face hurt?”
Li Er’s laughter sounded again in good time.
But Zao Wou-ki said coldly: “What are you proud of?”
“He can escape once or twice, can he escape ten times a hundred times?”
“Long Shou must lose!”
“Sooner or later, he will be defeated by Wu Herong.”
Zao Wou-ki’s cold voice sounded, and Chen Ao and others’ expressions immediately sank.
Zao Wou-ki’s words are ugly, but it is by no means unreasonable.
From the beginning of the battle to the present, it seems that Ye Fan was unscathed under Wu Herong’s fist, but in fact he has been pressed and beaten by Wu Herong.
In this style of play, defeat is inevitable.
“Mr. Chu, you must win~” Chen Ao and others kept praying in their hearts.
However, how would they know about Wu Herong’s current collapse?
At this moment, Wu Herong was almost mad.
From the beginning of the battle to the present, he has thrown no less than ten punches, and no more than ten kicks, but the young man in front of him is like a loach.
Obviously, he could almost hit his body every time, but he rubbed his body every time.
After the battle, he couldn’t even touch his clothes.

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