A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2894

However, in the midst of everyone’s ridicule, Ye Fan’s heavy fist had already fallen.
The young man in front of him directly confronted Lu Songliang’s attack in the most primitive way and in the most ferocious posture.
However, everyone expected that Ye Fan’s defeat did not appear. Instead, the water dragon rushing to the forefront suddenly shattered under Ye Fan’s fist.
The water column exploded, and thousands of water splashed all over the sky.
In the distance, Lu Songliang spit out a mouthful of blood.
At that moment, everyone’s mind trembled.
However, Ye Fan at this time, after blasting a water dragon with one punch, remained unabated.
He stepped on Tianhe and kicked it again.
Boom~ boom~
Two deep booms, one after another
Two more water dragons burst out in response.
In this way, Ye Fan between Tianhe fists or feet, or cleaves or chops.
The golden light on his body surged, and there was a long roar behind him.
Strong fist, like a stormy sea.
The fierce gust of wind, and howling like a tiger and wolf.
With every punch he fell, a water dragon burst open.
Every kick kicked out, it will set off a monstrous wave between heaven and earth.
At this time, Ye Fan, his whole person turned into a ruthless killing machine.
Every part of his body has become the sharpest weapon in the world.
Under Ye Fan’s power, Lu Songliang’s attack was just like a chicken, and collapsed instantly.
In the end, Ye Fan had both palms out, and he choked the throats of the two remaining water dragons.
With the last two booms, all the nine water dragons that Lu Songliang condensed with his best efforts collapsed.
In just a few breaths, Ye Fan blasted the audience with the most primitive posture, the most ferocious way, and the most eye-shaking method.
The surging power trembles everyone.
As for Lu Songliang, as his attack was broken, his body immediately trembled, and a few mouthfuls of blood were thrown out as if he didn’t want money.
“Do not..”
“This is impossible?”
“This is absolutely impossible!”
“I tried my best, how could it be so easy to be defeated by you?”
“This is absolutely impossible~”
Above the West Lake, Lu Songliang’s mouth was full of blood, his eyes staring straight ahead, and his whole body was almost cracked.
In a pair of old eyes, there is incredible color.
He roared hysterically, his eyes were red, and he seemed crazy.
He really couldn’t accept that he was defeated so badly after entering the first battle after the titled master.
He tried his best, but he didn’t hurt Ye Fan the slightest.
Even if he used the family’s body explosion technique, he still failed so miserably.
“This is absolutely impossible~”
Lu Songliang yelled over and over again.
The appearance of hysteria is different from the appearance of arrogant and energetic at the time of the previous ban.
However, in the face of Lu Songliang’s madness, Ye Fan naturally ignored it.
After destroying all the power of this Lu Songliang, Ye Fan also reduced his edge.
He was expressionless, looking down at the ant, looking down at Lu Songliang, who was like a dog in front of him: “Hand over Lu Hua, I can keep your whole body.”
However, Lu Songliang just kept shaking his head as if he hadn’t heard Ye Fan’s words, just repeating the same sentence.
“It looks like you are not going to say it anymore.”
“In that case, it’s useless for me to keep you.”
When the words fell, Ye Fan’s eyebrows were immediately cold.
With a wave of his sleeves, the long sword in Lu Songliang’s hand flew out immediately.
Under the control of Ye Fan, he turned in a volley and pierced towards Lu Songliang’s eyebrows!

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