A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2897

However, Ye Fan was not afraid of what Qianfu pointed out.
He looked down on the sentient beings and sneered proudly.
Senran and majestic sounds, like thunder, quietly sounded here.
“You wait for the ants, dare you ask me to convict me?”
“I, Ye Fan, what’s the crime?”
“The people of the Lu family disrupted my inheritance and harmed my relatives.”
“It doesn’t matter if I don’t know how to repent, I’m telling the truth and talking nonsense.”
“If I leave his whole body, it is my great kindness.”
“Today’s ending is also on his own account.”
“It’s your ants, they have eyes but no beads, right and wrong.”
“I killed a person who should be killed, so I said that I was a puppeteer, and that I was a frenzied demon.”
“Then dare to ask, if the person killed today is me, would you verbally criticize the old Lu family dog, saying that he is a demon or a puppet?”
Ye Fan was very angry and laughed, asking several questions, but it was in the world, which exploded one after another.
The majestic voice, the torrential language, only if the stone falls to the ground, there is a sound.
“shut up!”
“You hot summer scum, full of nonsense, tyrannical.”
“Is Mr. Lu a scum like you, can it be compared?”
“Moreover, you junior, how dare you call me waiting for the ants, so disrespectful to the martial arts elders.”
“Really it’s rebellious!”
Everyone scolded angrily. Then, everyone at the scene turned their heads to look at the special envoy of the Martial God Temple He Chen, and asked for orders: “He, Ye Fan, can you still see what Ye Fan did?
go with? ”
“Mr. Lu is a respected person in my Yan Xia Virtue, a titled master personally conferred by the Martial God Temple, and even the god of my Yan Xia Pillar Kingdom.”
“Today, Ye Fan died tragically.”
“This junior acted in this way, it was clearly the face of the Martial God Temple that he had hit, and he stood on the opposite side of the martial arts in the entire summer.
“At this moment, he has just finished the battle, it is the end of the crossbow, and the strength must be the time of emptiness. Why don’t you make a move and kill this completely with the momentum of thunder.”
“Vengeance for Mr. Lu, and martial arts for me in the hot summer, eradicate evil, and walk for the sky!”

“Elder He, as the special envoy of the Martial God Temple, you must never remain indifferent?”
“While he is now empty, quickly kill him.”
“To completely eradicate the scourge of my hot summer martial arts, permanent trouble!”
Among the crowd, a one-eyed old man also walked out, pleading for the Tao.
As several people took the lead, more and more people came out.
In the end, the gazes of almost everyone on the scene fell on He Chen.
Today, Lu Songliang has fallen.
Among the people present, the strongest and most prestigious is naturally the special envoy of the Martial God Temple, He Chen.
Therefore, everyone today can only ask He Chen to take action and kill Ye Fan.
“He’s old, let’s do it!”
“Yes, Mr. He, you can do it~”
“He’s old, kill these scumbags to justify the majesty of my hot summer martial arts. Eliminate demons and defend Tao~”
For a time, the sentiment was infuriated.
On the bank of the West Lake, hundreds of people all stepped forward and bowed to He Chen with fists in both hands.
The sincere words and the sad voice resounded like a torrent of nine days in the entire West Lake.
Obviously, Ye Fan’s act of slaying Lu Songliang under the guise of the world has aroused public anger.
Suddenly, all the martial arts people present asked He Chen to come forward, punish Ye Fan, avenge Lu Songliang, and eradicate disasters for the hot summer martial arts.

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