A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2898

However, He Chen is not stupid. Although he is already killing Ye Fan, Ye Fan is the titled master after all. Ye Fan has just experienced a title battle.
When it was huge, He Chen still didn’t have the confidence that he could get rid of Ye Fan only with his own strength.
Therefore, in the face of everyone’s persuasion, He Chen said solemnly: “This Ye Fan really deserves to die!”
“Indiscriminate killing of innocents is cruel.”
“Everyone is right. If you don’t take the opportunity to get rid of it today, it will surely become my biggest disaster in summer martial arts!
“However, although this junior is at the end of the crossbow at this time, the centipede is dead and not stiff.”
“If you want to kill it with one blow, I am far from it.”
“We must wait for the combined efforts, with a thousand forces, to completely annihilate this junior.”
He Chen’s words can be described as a hundred responses.
In just an instant, everyone present responded.
“it is good!”
“I’ll wait to work together~”
“Stop this thief!”
“Walking for the sky!!”
Whoosh whoosh~
In an instant, several figures rose into the sky among the crowd.
As the storm swept through, a series of moves began to gather from everyone.
“Wave legs!”
“Feng Xing Fist~”
「Promise Sword~」
“Mantis Claw~”
Or fist or palm, or split or chop.
Various attacks were released without reservation.
It can be said that the eight immortals cross the sea, each showing their magical powers!
In order to punish Ye Fan, these people also worked hard, using all their housekeeping skills one by one.
The entire West Lake boils violently like boiling water.
These people in front of them, perhaps brought out alone, each one is not strong enough.
But when ten people, one hundred people get together?
It is the so-called Hundred Rivers into the Sea, the so-called Sparkling Fire.
When countless weak people gather together, they can naturally explode with immense power.
After the crowd made moves, He Chen in the crowd no longer hesitated.
His eyebrows are cold, his eyes are like torches.
In the dantian, vigor gathered.
Within the veins, there is qi and blood rushing.
Infinite power began to gather in his palm.
The whole person is like a bow that gradually opens.
Until the end, it becomes a full moon.
“Overlord’s Palm!”
A low and bursting shout was shocking.
Thousands of powers are released instantly.
Chu Wenfei and others in the distance saw a majestic palm print sweeping out.
Until the attack with everyone, gathered together.
As the saying goes, quantitative changes cause qualitative changes.
With so many people working together, the countless attacks gathered together to form a huge energy storm.
Like a wild beast, roaring, roaring, swept away in the direction where Ye Fan was.
Wherever we passed along the way, the wind and clouds moved and the rocks fell apart.
The entire West Lake was almost overturned.
Seeing such a terrifying scene before them, Chu Wenfei, Yang Zijiang and others were completely stunned.
In the eyebrows, there is the color of shock.
They couldn’t imagine that this kind of sight that only appears in movies on weekdays, they actually saw it with their own eyes today.
It turns out that manpower can be so powerful?
Chu Wenfei and the others only feel that the worldview over the past few decades is fragmented at this moment!
However, when Chu Wenfei and others trembled, only He Yurou clenched her small hands, her beautiful eyes looked forward without blinking, and her brows were filled with worry.
She didn’t know whether Ye Fan could withstand the attacks of so many people?

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