A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2899

Energetic swept through, and the huge waves were overwhelming.
Everyone’s attack is only like an ocean storm sweeping across the four directions, with an unparalleled force, converging towards Ye Fan.
Under the sky, the young man stood with his hands.
The indifferent eyebrows looked down at the sentient beings under their feet in this way, and also at the majestic offensive that swept through them, listening to the evil words from the sentient beings under their feet.
For a moment, Ye Fan suddenly smiled.
The laughter was harsh, cold, and ridiculous.
“The Lu family deceived me, now even you ants dare to deceive me?”
“If you want to fight, then fight.”
“I, Chu Tianfan, have spent my whole life, so why be afraid of people?”
“If one kills me, I will kill another.”
“Ten people kill me, I will kill ten people.”
“A hundred people kill me, I will kill a hundred people.”
“If the world kills me, I will kill the world!”
Ye Fan’s cold laugh, with incomparable awe.
The power of horror, like a storm, swept all over the place.
Tianhe trembled and West Lake rushed.
For a time, the world here is almost as cold as an ice cellar.
“This this..”
Seeing the scene before him, Chu Wenfei and others trembled again.
They never thought that Ye Fan would be so majestic just by drinking it?
The majestic power is not weaker than the combined attack of hundreds of people in front of you.
“Huh, just bluffing.”
“Don’t panic everyone.”
“This bastard has just finished the battle, and it must be the end of the battle.”
“I waited for a combined force to hit it, and it was definitely not something he could contend with alone.”
He Chen in the crowd shouted loudly, cheering for everyone.
“that’s right!”
“Two fists are hard to beat four hands. With so many of us, can we still not be able to compete with him?”
“Kill all the people in the world?”
“It’s arrogant and ridiculous.”
Everyone responded.
While speaking, the power in his hand became fierce again.
At the same time, Ye Fan, who had been quiet and motionless, suddenly rose into the sky.
He stepped on Tianhe, with strength like a dragon.
Standing in the void, like a god.
After that, he lifted his foot, and stepped down suddenly as if the mountain was pressing on the top.
The first style of Yundao Tianjue, Yunyang kicks, reappears in the world.
Afterwards, with an unstoppable force, they ran into each other fiercely.
However, who could have imagined that the stalemate that everyone expected did not appear.
At the moment when the attacks of both sides touched, the powerful storm formed by everyone’s combined attack had been crushed by the waist.
Yes, there is no obstacle at all.
If the autumn wind swept the fallen leaves, it would melt the remaining snow like boiling oil.
Ye Fan directly smashed all the people’s reliance in an instant with the momentum of destroying the dead.
“This this..”
“How can this be?”
“This is absolutely impossible!”
“How is it possible for so many of us to attack even one of his moves?”
Seeing the scene before him, He Chen and others were blinded.
They never dreamed that the combined attacking power of so many of them would be crushed so easily.
“The second style of Yundao Tianjue, the fierce landslide!”
There was another loud noise, like a horror.
Under Ye Fan’s deep voice and anger, a more terrifying attack has been formed.
The huge boxing shadow is as thick as a mountain.
In front of Ye Fan, they gathered together.
“No… not good!”
“Everyone, rewind!!”
After seeing that Ye Fan’s second blow had been brewing, He Chen and others were frightened.
I just felt horrified, and my scalp was numb.

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