A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2905

However, let Lu Ziming shout. On the other side of the phone, no one responded.
“Father, what’s the matter?”
“On the family’s side, it won’t be anymore… something has happened, right?”
Seeing his father’s disrespectful appearance, Lu Hua who was on the side was undoubtedly more panicked, speaking with trembling voices.
Lu Ziming shook his head and said weakly, “I don’t know either.”
However, just when Lu Ziming was about to hang up, there was finally another voice in the receiver.
Lu Ziming was overjoyed and asked quickly: “Second brother, what happened just now?”
“Why is it so messy over there?”
Lu Ziming asked anxiously.
However, Lu Ziming’s expected answer did not appear, but what echoed in his ears was an extremely cold word: “It looks like you have already escaped.”
Hearing this sound, Lu Ziming and Lu Hua and his son trembled.
In that moment, Lu Ziming’s eyes widened.
“You…you are, Ye… Ye Fan?”
“Where is my second brother?”
“Where are my people?”
“Asshole, what are you going to do?”
“You have killed my father. Isn’t that enough?”
“Do you have to kill everything?”
“Why can’t you let us live a life?”
Lu Ziming’s eyes were red, even if Ye Fan hadn’t said anything yet, he had almost thought about the ending of his father’s family.
Not knowing whether it was because of anger or sadness, Lu Ziming snarled at the phone.
However, the boy on the other end of the phone smiled.
“Spare you?”
“Don’t you think this is ridiculous?”
“Before you ask me, why don’t you ask your son Lu Hua, ask yourself, ask your Lu family.”
“Have you ever left a way out for my relatives of Ye Fan?”
“You are ruthless and unrighteous first, so how can you blame me for killing you all?”
“Today’s ending is your own blame!”
Ye Fan’s last drink, only if the thunder exploded.
Even when the phone was shaken by Ye Fan’s words, there was a rush of electric current.
Lu Ziming’s ears were also buzzing, and at the same time, his heart was cold.
Hearing what Ye Fan meant, it was obvious that he was not going to let go of their Lu family members.
“Asshole, Ye Fan, you asshole, you demon~”
“You executioner~”
“You are so cruel!”
“You are killing so rampantly, aren’t you afraid of the sanctions imposed by the martial arts in the summer?
“War God Temple will definitely not let you go~”
Lu Ziming roared, roaring like a beast in his mouth.
But how could Ye Fan care about his threat?
Even before, if Lu Ziming used the Martial God Temple to suppress him, Ye Fan would never care.
What’s more, he nowadays, looking at the world, few people can make him afraid, so naturally he doesn’t care much.
At random, facing Lu Ziming’s roar, Ye Fan just sneered: “Listening to what you mean, I am preparing to flee to Yanjing and seek shelter from the Martial God Temple.”
“If this is the case, it will save trouble.”
“It just so happens that I have some things, and I need to explain to the Martial God Temple.”
“At that time, everything will be solved at once.”
“You go there first, and I’ll be there later.”
The faint words sounded like a breeze.
After speaking, Ye Fan crushed the phone in his hand with one foot.

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