A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2906

On the other end of the phone, Lu Ziming and his son were even more startled, and their hearts were chilling.
Could it be that Ye Fan, dare to prepare to kill the Martial God Temple?
At the time when Lu Hua and his son were frightened, the most luxurious area in Lin’an City, where the Lu Family Manor of the largest family in Jiangbei was located, was almost in ruins.
Several small foreign houses that once stood in the manor have long been razed to the ground.
The cracked floor was scattered all over the floor.
The soil-stained steel bars are exposed.
Above, faintly red blood can still be seen, dripping blood slowly along the steel bars.
Many people were buried in the ruins.
Vaguely, one could still hear the crying and groaning under the ruins.
Blood and fire have flooded the entire manor.
On this piece of steel ruins, only a young man stood proudly.
In front of him, the last member of the Lu clan collapsed.
Before dying, there was only fear and regret in that person’s pupils.
Regarding Jiangdong’s actions, although it was just a whim of Lu Hua at the beginning.
However, after Lu Hua left the martial arts court, all the attacks and plots against Jiangdong were nodded and instructed by the senior leaders of the Lu family.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for Lu Hua alone to mobilize so much energy, not only to maimed Qinglong and others, but also to force Qiu Mucheng and others to hide in the military area to seek refuge.
Therefore, from this perspective, the Lu family is by no means innocent.
As far as Ye Fan is concerned, although these people’s lives are like grass and mustards, they can take them at will.
But Ye Fan was definitely not a person who wanted to kill.
He only kills those who deserve to be killed!
The Lu family instructed Lu Hua to murder his wife and mother and covet his Jiangdong foundation.
From when they first thought of Jiangdong, they should have thought about the ending of today.
Killers, kill them!
After flattening the Lu family, Ye Fan also turned and left.
As the sun sets, the afterglow of the setting sun is scattered on the young man in front.
From a distance, he looked like an immortal who turned into an immortal, vain and majestic, walking forward.
Behind him, there was blood and fire, burning blazingly above the ruins.
That year, Ye Fan was stained with blood and entered Jiangbei, pacifying the Lu family!
With Ye Fan’s departure, a martial arts family that had been in the north of the Yangtze River for hundreds of years was destroyed.
The luxurious manor of Nuo Da has completely become an unbearable ruin.
At first, this matter was only known to some people nearby.
But soon, one pass ten, ten pass a hundred.
Until the end, the news of the destruction of the Lu family caused a sensation in the city!
More and more people gathered here, and more and more cars drove over.
Thousands of Lin’an citizens looked at the unsightly ruins in front of them with tremors.
Who could have imagined that a few hours ago, it was a magnificent and magnificent family that ordinary people looked up to, and in just one day, it became like this?
The manor was demolished, and the Lu clan had almost no life.
The tragedy here shocked the entire Jiangbei!
“My God~”
“Is this an earthquake?”
“Earthquake peat?”
“All of Lin’an City, other places are good, can it cause an earthquake here?”
“I think it was demolished.”
“Hurry up and call the police.”
“Too miserable~”
“A big family dignified, it was wiped out in one day?”
“Is it an offense?”
“But, who has the Lu family offended so that they have so much energy and smooth the Lu family?”
There was a lot of discussion among the crowd.
The disaster of the Lu family made the city full of storms!

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It’s sad for Lu family. Only one person mistake and all family ruin. But they did wrong to Fan wife and mother. They deserve to be punished. Now Lu Hua will see his wrongs. Thank you author for the updates.

It wasn’t just 1 mistake by one person. It was repeated offenses by the entire family, although it was instigated by one person.

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