A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2909

“Quickly tell the Martial God Temple, Lu… Lao Lu was killed~”
On the West Lake, the boat is rippling.
Ahead, there is a setting sun like blood. At the foot, the lake is surging.
On the bow of the boat, Zhang Jiuling’s face was as gray as death, and the sad and frightened shouts echoed over the entire West Lake.
Zhang Jiuling was really shocked at this time.
Especially after seeing Lu Songliang’s corpse nailed to the stone pillar, Zhang Jiuling was almost scared to death.
Previously, when Zhang Jiuling saw the Lu family being wiped out, although Zhang Jiuling felt tremor, she still remained calm.
Because he felt that the murderer came in while he was empty and attacked the Lu family while Lu Songliang was leaving the family.
Although the matter was not small, Lu Songliang’s skills were sufficient to deal with it.
However, Zhang Jiuling never expected that not only the Lu Family Manor was razed to the ground, but even Lu Songliang was also dead?
Moreover, was nailed to death on his title feast? Fallen at the time of the title?
When any martial arts grudges, once it involves the title level, the meaning it represents is completely different.
After all, every titled master is a strategic martial arts force for any country.
It represents not just a person or a family, but a country and a nation.
In some cases, killing a country’s titled master is tantamount to declaring war on the country’s martial arts.
What’s more, Lu Songliang was killed at the title feast.
What is this concept?
This is almost equivalent to the ancient emperor being slaughtered at the ceremony of enthronment.
The only difference is that there was only one emperor in ancient times, while there were many emperors in the martial arts world in the summer.
That’s it!
But the meaning it represents is the same.
This fight was not just the face of Lu Songliang alone, but the face of the Martial God Temple, the entire Yanxia martial arts!
It is conceivable that the next hot summer martial arts will set off what kind of monstrous waves.
This is why Zhang Jiuling is so gaffe and panic.
At that time, he contacted the Yanxia Wushen Temple to inform the past of the changes in Jiangbei.
“what did you say?”
“Lu Songliang is dead?”
“You made a mistake.”
“Isn’t it his honor ceremony today?”
Yanshan in the summer, in the temple of the gods
At this time, Mo Gucheng, the King of Fighters, had just received a call from Jiangbei Budo.
Mo Gucheng didn’t believe it very much when he first heard it.
Not to mention that Lu Songliang himself is the strength of the titled master, relying solely on the majesty of their martial arts temple, no one dared to make trouble at the titled feast.
“The King of Fighters, it’s true.”
“Lu Songliang is dead!”
“I was nailed to the stone pillar with a sword.”
“More than that, the entire Lu family was wiped out.”
“There were more than a hundred people in the Lu family, and none of them survived.”
“Lu Family Manor, blood has flowed into a river~”
On the phone, Zhang Jiuling said sadly, and the words were full of panic.
“This…. Is this true?”
“Zhang Jiuling, can you really be 100% sure?”
“Have you ever explored with your own eyes?”
The King of Fighters’ expression finally changed a little, and the tone of his words became solemn.
“The King of Fighters, it’s true~”
“Lu Songliang is really dead.” Zhang Jiuling shouted again.
The King of Fighters was still a little unbelievable. He shook his head and whispered, “How is this possible?”
“In the morning, I still got a message that the title feast was held normally.”

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