A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2910

“This is just a day’s work, how could this be?”
“Where is He Chen?”
“Let He Chen answer the phone?”
“I want to know, what happened?”
The king of fighters looked gloomy and said anxiously.
“He Chen?”
“You mean Grandmaster He Chen?”
“I didn’t see him?” Zhang Jiuling replied.
“What about the others at the scene?”
“First, find someone who is on the scene and ask about the situation.”
“Why does this good title feast look like this?” The King of Fighters anxiously urged again.
Zhang Jiuling was silent for a moment, and then said: “The King of Fighters, now… I am afraid that there is no one at the scene.”
“Even the Huxin Island where the title feast was held is gone.”
Hearing this, Mo Gucheng, the King of Fighters, could no longer be calm.
His eyes were staring, his pupils shrinking.
A pair of old eyes are staring huge!
“You…you mean, everyone, all…are killed?”
Thinking of this, it was the King of Fighters himself, and he felt shivering all over, and his back was cold.
Who is it?
Could it be that the powerful Chumen attacked, and they wanted to fight the martial arts nation in the summer, and it was impossible?
The King of Fighters at this time knew the situation was serious.
He realized that he could not decide this matter alone.
Therefore, he immediately found the Juggernaut and Tang Hao and informed them of the matter.
“what did you say?”
“Master Qingyun is dead?”
“Killed at the title feast?”
Upon hearing this, the Juggernaut and Tang Hao both trembled.
“It should be true.”
“Jiangbei has already sent me the live video data.”
“You can take a look.”
While talking, Mo Gucheng, the King of Fighters, projected a video and image onto the screen in front of him.
In the video, first is the huge ruins of Lu’s Manor.
Then, there is the water of West Lake that is red as blood. Above, there were still flesh and blood remnants floating.
Of course, there is also Lu Songliang’s unwilling and terrified corpse.
A long silence.
In the hall, Ya Que was silent.
Only the slightly heavy breathing sounds of the Juggernaut and others echoed.
After a long time, Sword Saint broke the silence here.
“Do you think it is from Chu Clan?” The Sword Saint said with a deep eyebrow.
In the words, the anger was suppressed.
At this time, there was a boom.
The King of Fighters stood up against the incident, and the tables and chairs in front of him were suddenly shattered.
“It’s not Truman, who else can it be?”
“Looking at the world, Chu Sect dared to be so arrogant. In the land of my hot summer Shenzhou, kill the powerful of my countries and slaughter my titled master!”
“Whether it is tolerable or unbearable.”
“This matter, we must not let go of it, we must let Trumen pay the debt!”
The King of Fighters was extremely angry, and his low anger sounded like a thunder explosion.
Tang Hao on the side undoubtedly clenched his palm suddenly.
In the eyebrows, the war is high!
Obviously, such actions of Trumen have seriously touched their bottom line.
Even Tang Hao, who has always been reluctant to speak, was already angry.
“it is good.”
“If this is the case, then I will issue a Martial God Order to summon the Seven Pillar Kingdoms together.”
“Gather my strength in the summer to ask Truth for justice!”
The Juggernaut also made up his mind.
However, just when they had just discussed the results.
Below Yanshan, a luxury car drove up like crazy.
After arriving outside the Martial God Temple, the car door opened immediately, and Lu Hua and his son knelt outside the temple, begging each other sadly.
“Ye Fan is cruel and punishes his compatriots.”
“Pray for the temple of martial arts, for my Jiangbei Lu family, be fair~”
“Please, the Lord of the God of War, avenge my father~”

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These Lu boys crying like little girls but forgetting they started ut all. Now they understand the ine who dug the hole fell into it

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