A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2917

Outside the Wushen Temple, there was an echo of anger.

Ahead, the Juggernaut, King of Fighters and others have already arrived.

Looking at the mess all over the floor, Mo Gucheng and others were undoubtedly even more angry.

In those old eyes, there was anger flickering, and the chill was as cold as ice.

It was Haotian Grandmaster Tang Hao. After seeing the scene in front of him, an unpleasant color suddenly appeared on his face.

“Ye Fan, you are confused.”

“The land of Yanshan Mountain is the sacred land of martial arts in the summer.”

“You have great reasons, and definitely shouldn’t make trouble here.”

“Don’t stop quickly?”

Tang Hao was angry and eager in his heart, and said sharply to Ye Fan.

However, Ye Fan ignored the questions and anger from the King of Fighters and others.

He raised his head, and a cold light flashed through his deep eyes, and the cold, emotionless words immediately sounded: “Hand over the Lu family father and son.”

“Otherwise, don’t blame me Ye Fan, my men are ruthless!”

“Presumptuous!” The King of Fighters immediately drank.

“You junior, how dare you be so disrespectful to me?”

“It seems that I waited for you to indulge too much.”

The King of Fighters suppressed the anger in his heart and said sharply.

Under the palm of the hand, there is already a rush of energy.

It seems that a big battle is already on the horizon.

Seeing this, Tang Hao hurried out to put out the fire and said, “Ye Fan, what happened?”

“Why do you want to kill all the people of the Lu family?”

“Moreover, even if you have great enmity, you should not use lynching to massacre the Lu family.”

“What’s more, the old man Lu Songliang of the Lu family just stepped into the title realm, and he was cut by your sword.”

“Why are you so impulsive?”

“You know that your behavior has severely reached the limit of the Yanxia martial arts.”

“Even if you are also a titled master, it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want in the hot summer country.”

“Even if there is a real grievance, you should also resolve it through the martial arts court.”

“Instead of acting like this today, just trying to be quick!”

Tang Haoxiao always persuaded him with affection and reason.

Ye Fan suddenly smiled after hearing it.


“Budo court?”

“If the martial arts court is useful, why should I, Ye Fan, travel thousands of miles to the north of the Yangtze River to punish the Lu family?”


Hearing this, Tang Hao opened his mouth and wanted to say something.

However, before he had time to speak, he was interrupted directly by Ye Fan.

“Enough, no need to say more.”

“Tonight, I will just ask, Father and Son of the Lu Family, do you want to pay or not pay at the Martial God Temple?”

The words are cold, and on the top of Yanshan Mountain, there are many storms.

The bone-chilling chill made everyone in Yanshan feel like an ice cellar.

No one knows why the young man in front of him has such a great hatred for the people of the Lu family.

What everyone did not expect was that even in the face of Juggernaut, King of Fighters and other pillar nations, this young man did not show the slightest fear, and his tone of speech was still so strong.

Hard, did not save any face for the Juggernaut and others.

Finally, after hearing this, the Juggernaut who had remained silent, slowly raised his head.

His face was expressionless, and his old eyes were deep and solemn, making it impossible to see the slightest emotion.

Until, his eyes and Ye Fan gradually met. A deep voice also sounded.

“For so many years, you are still the first person to dare to speak to my Martial God Temple in such a tone?”

“I admire your courage.”

“But I don’t think this is a wise behavior.”

“As a senior in martial arts, I would like to advise you that you should be restrained in your life.”

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