A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2918

“As for today’s matter, I have the right to assume that it never happened, or not to pursue you.”

“But the premise is that I immediately quit Yanshan and go home for self-examination.”

“As for the heinous crimes you committed in Jiangbei, wait until I have discussed with the God of War before making a decision.”

“At that time, the result of the final disposal of you will be notified to you.”

“Sword Saint, no~” The King of Fighters, who was ready to take action to teach Ye Fan, suddenly changed his expression after hearing these words from the Sword Saint.

He quickly turned back to look at the king of fighters and persuaded him.

“The King of Fighters, you don’t have to persuade you anymore.”

“Don’t worry, I have my own decision on this matter.” Sword Saint replied.


The King of Fighters was a little unwilling, and thought that this matter was forgotten today, it was too cheap for Ye Fan, this kid.

After all, Ye Fan was still the first warrior who dared to kill Yanshan alone for so many years.

If Ye Fan is not severely punished for this matter, how will the face of their Martial God Temple survive in the future?

However, Juggernaut also has his own considerations.

This Ye Fan, although his character was extremely disliked. But after all, it is also the warrior of the hot summer.

Before, the Martial God Temple also declared that Ye Fan was the seventh titled master of Yanxia.

If the pillar country powerhouses in the hot summer fought in the land of Yanshan, once this kind of fighting in the nest spreads out, let alone the temple of the gods at that time, their entire martial arts in the hot summer are estimated to be

It will completely become the laughing stock of the martial artists of other countries.

When the power reached the height of Juggernaut, all things considered were all aspects.

Especially the international influence, Juggernaut naturally pays more attention.

After all, a little carelessness will discredit the entire summer.

Therefore, the Juggernaut is cautious in handling many things.

“The King of Fighters, the overall situation is important.”

“Why, do you also want to be like this junior, with anger?” Sword Saint stared.

The King of Fighters finally gave up.

He stared at Ye Fan coldly, and snorted: “Humph, it’s cheap for you kid today.”

Mo Gucheng whispered, then said to Ye Fan displeased, “Don’t you go back quickly?”

“Why, we must force us to ask you out forcibly?”

“Save yourself some face!”

“It’s so easy~”

Mo Gucheng’s tone was full of anger.

His dissatisfaction with Ye Fan is not one or two days.

It was because of his son’s affairs before, but at that time he felt angry no matter how bad he was.

Today, Ye Fan has acted wildly and violated the martial arts taboo.

Naturally, Mo Gucheng didn’t have to hide it, and all his disgust and anger towards Ye Fan were shown.

However, facing the words of the King of Fighters and others, Ye Fan didn’t have any intention to retreat.

On the contrary, the chill on the face is even worse.

“If the Lu family father and son don’t die, will I retreat?”

“I will ask you one last time, do you pay or not?”

“If you don’t hand it in, then I will take it myself!”


As the saying goes, the language is not amazing and endless.

At the moment when Ye Fan’s words fell, the people on the top of Yanshan Mountain were frightened crazy.

Everyone stared at Ye Fan with unbelievable eyes.

“This… is he crazy?”

“The Juggernaut said that this is the case, but he actually paid it back…”

Many people feel terrified.

Tang Hao also let out a cold sweat behind his back.

What is Ye Fan doing?

Isn’t this deliberately angering the Sword Saints?

Isn’t this asking for hardship?

“Ye Fan, what are you talking about?”

“Are you crazy?”

“Hurry up and apologize to the King of Fighters!”

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