A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2923

“This Xiaoxiao first kills Huaxia Zhu Kingdom and kills all Jiangbei Warriors.”
“The sins committed by this son can be described as the waves of the East China Sea, and the evil is inexhaustible. The bamboos of Nanshan are also endless!”
“As China’s martial arts leader, how can you shield him?”
“If you still have Huaxia Martial Arts in your heart, you should join me to punish this son!”
On the top of Yanshan Mountain, the King of Fighters said angrily. The blue veins on his forehead violently, and among the words, there was resentment and even more intense anger.
However, who could have thought that it was the moment when the words of the King of Fighters fell.
The young man in front of him scolded, “I’ll punish your grandma!”
When the words fell, Ye Fan snapped it out with a palm.
How fast is Ye Fan’s move?
A second ago, everyone was still listening to the generous statement of the King of Fighters.
But in the next second, the huge palm prints under Ye Fan had already gathered and formed.
With an unpredictable force, he directly smashed toward the place where the king of fighters was.
too fast!
Don’t say the King of Fighters, it was too late when the God of War noticed Ye Fan’s attack.
Then, only a scream was heard.
The King of Fighters was directly incited by Ye Fan to fly out.
Hundreds of pounds of body, like a flying ball, smashed countless mountains, rocks and plants along the way, and finally smashed into the ruins.
“This this..”
For a time, everyone was confused.
The people of Yanshan were all dumbfounded, looking at Ye Fan ahead like a ghost.
They never thought that Ye Fan would be so bold.
In front of the Temple of Martial Arts, facing a group of powerful titles, it was nothing more than fear and awe.
Even now he was the first to take the lead and directly incite the King of Fighters to fly.
Of course, after the King of Fighters was slapped by Ye Fan, he soon rushed out of the ruins.
“Bad son, do you dare to attack?”
“Today, my King of Fighters will never die with you!”
The King of Fighters Mo Gucheng was embarrassed, his clothes were torn, and half of his face was swollen into pig feet.
At this time, the king of fighters looked like a defeated dog.
He roared, howled, and rushed towards Ye Fan as if crazy.
How many years has it been?
Ever since he stepped into the title and entered the Temple of the Lord Martial God, has he ever suffered such insults?
Even when Chu Sect invaded, Mo Gucheng didn’t feel as embarrassed as he is now.
But now, a child with a yellow mouth has completely lost his face at the door of his house.
If you don’t kill Ye Fan today, Mo Gucheng will be unhappy!
But can you blame Ye Fan for being impulsive?
After he entered Yanshan, this Mo Gucheng opened his mouth and kept his mouth on the country children, the Chinese scum, and repeatedly insulted Ye Fan.
As the so-called clay figurines also have three points of anger.
Even if Ye Fan has a good temper, he can’t tolerate other people’s insults like this?
“It is my great kindness to not kill you.”
“If you insult me ‚Äč‚Äčagain, his Japanese dragon lord will put you down!”
Facing the wrath of the King of Fighters, Ye Fan crossed his eyebrows, and bluntly denounced.
Senran’s words didn’t give the King of Fighters any face at all.
“You…you…you have such a big tone, how dare you even pacify my Mo family?”
Mo Gucheng was about to be blown up by Ye Fan.
He never thought that Ye Fan would be so arrogant at this young age?
Still threatening to slay his Mo family?
Thinking of this, Mo Gucheng was furious, his old eyes were red, and the offensive in his hands was fierce again.
Seeing that the battle between the two was about to start again, the last moment was stopped by the God of War again.
“God of War, let me go!”
“Don’t stop me, let me kill him.”
“If you don’t kill this child, it’s hard to dispel the hatred in my heart!”
Mo Gucheng was trembling with anger, gritted his teeth and roared.

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