A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2922

“Stop it all!”
The loud shout under the mountains and rivers was like a thunder burst.
The mountains and rocks tremble in the square, and the vegetation is flying on all sides.
Everyone here, after drinking this, felt deafening, and their minds buzzed.
Whoosh whoosh~
In the roar of anger, a majestic figure fell from the sky.
After appearing, the majestic two palms played one after another.
One of the palms collided with Ye Fan’s attack, and both were annihilated.
The other palm slammed into the attack of the King of Fighters.
After the loud noise, the shadow of the dragon king fist of the King of Fighters collapsed.
The King of Fighters himself snorted even more, and was shaken back several steps directly on the ground.
“God of War, what are you doing?”
“In order to protect a scum in the hot summer martial arts, how dare you attack me?”
The Juggernaut stabilized his figure, and after suppressing the undulating vitality in his heart, he immediately raised his head, his eyes were red, the blue veins violently, and he questioned the man in white angrily.
Yes, no one else appeared in this land of Yanshan at this time, it was Ye Qingtian, the God of War in the Summer!
Since the return of India, Ye Qingtian has returned to his residence and cannot go out.
Only in the last few days have I left customs.
I just learned of the changes in Jiangbei.
Especially after learning that Ye Fan was still alive, Ye Qingtian was shocked.
Immediately rushed to Yanshan non-stop.
But what the God of War didn’t expect was that when he felt the Temple of Martial Arts, what he saw turned out to be the scorching titled powerhouse.
“Ask me what?”
“That, I should ask you!”
“The land of Yanshan Mountain is my sacred land of martial arts in the summer.”
“But you are fighting each other here, fighting among your compatriots, you are not ashamed of my ancestors of the martial arts in the summer? Are you not afraid to spread it out and make the world laugh?”
The God of War was furious and yelled at the King of Fighters and others.
“Old Ye, you don’t have to blame the king of fighters.”
“It’s my order.”
“It was Ye Fanzhu who killed my Yanxia Zhuguo first, and slaughtered more than a hundred of my Yanxia warriors in the land of West Lake. More than that, there were more than one hundred people in the Lu family, regardless of age, all were blamed.
kill. ”
“This son’s sins are horrendous, and he doesn’t know how to repent, and he even speaks ill of my Valkyrie Temple. It can be said that his sins cannot be forgiven.
“If you don’t get rid of this son today, it will definitely be a terrible problem in my hot summer martial arts in the future.”
The Juggernaut suddenly walked out and urged the God of War with a deep voice.
“what did you say?”
“Ye Fan killed a hot summer title?”
When the God of War heard this, his expression suddenly changed.
Before coming, he only knew that something happened in Jiangbei, and it seemed to be related to Ye Fan. He didn’t have time to ask about the specific things, so he rushed over.
Now that after hearing these words from the Juggernaut, the God of War could not be calm.
After all, it’s about the life and death of a titled powerhouse.
How could Ye Qingtian not be solemn?
“Naturally it is true!”
“The titled Grandmaster Lu Songliang, who was just canonized in our Wushen Temple, was killed by him at the title feast.”
“In addition, more than 130 martial arts experts who participated in the meeting were all dead in his hands.”
“If you don’t believe it, ask him yourself.”
Sword Saint said coldly.
Ye Qingtian immediately turned his head and looked at Ye Fan: “Ye Fan, tell me, are these true?”
“You really killed so many people?”
Ye Qingtian stared at him and asked unbelievably.
At this time, Ye Fan had already taken over his power.
Facing Ye Qingtian’s question, Ye Fan replied in a deep voice, “They deserve to die.”
“shut up!”
“You bastard, you still don’t know how to repent now!” The King of Fighters yelled, then looked at Ye Qingtian.
“God of War, you heard it too.”
“This country boy has confessed to the heinous crime he committed.”
“Now, do you still have to protect him?”
“As the God of War in the Summer, you always have to tell the truth.”

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Wow, now the God of War appear, what will happen next? Listen to Ye Fan excuses for killing or acknowledge his killing hundreds of life as a crime?

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