A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2932

Lu Ziming comforted: “Xiaohua, don’t worry.”
“That Ye Fan committed a heinous crime, the Martial God Temple estimates it is too late to kill him.”
“How could it be possible to hand us over as he wishes.”
“What’s more, do you think it is possible to let the Martial God Temple bow to a junior?”
Lu Ziming was calm in his heart, without much worry.
After all, Wushen Temple is the highest authority in Yanxia.
As long as they hid here and were protected by the Martial God Temple, Ye Fan would not be able to threaten their safety.
“But father, this matter, after all, is our fault.”
“I started with Ye Fan’s family first.”
“Once Ye Fan tells the story, will the Martial God Temple still protect us?” The worry in Lu Hua’s heart did not dissipate because of his father’s words, but instead.
It’s getting richer.
He regrets it now.
Maybe I shouldn’t have coveted Ye Fan’s woman at the beginning, let alone Jiangdong’s foundation.
It was he who killed Grandpa, and it was he who killed the Lu family.
The more Lu Hua thought about it, the more he blamed himself, the more he thought about it, the more guilt he became. Before he knew it, his eyes were already red.
When Lu Ziming saw this, he slapped Lu Hua on the shoulder and comforted: “It’s okay.”
“It’s definitely okay.”
“Compared with what Ye Fan did, our mistake is trivial.”
“At this moment, maybe Ye Fan has been beheaded.”
While the two were talking, the palace door in front was pushed open.
Ye Qingtian took the lead in walking in.
“The God of War is here.”
“The junior has no chance.”
“Xiaohua, we are safe.”
“Quickly, follow me to thank God of War.”
Seeing Ye Qingtian, Lu Ziming was overjoyed.
Before, the Lu family father and son were worried about whether the King of Fighters would be able to stop Ye Fan, but now that the God of War returns, such worries disappear.
After all, the God of War is the strongest person in Yanxia, ​​the Dinghai Shenzhen needle of Yanxia martial arts.
Only if there is a God of War, then there is no problem that he cannot solve.
However, what the Lu family father and son did not expect was that the two of them had just walked in front of Ye Qingtian, and before they had time to say thanks, they only heard a bang, and the God of War beat Lu Hua with a single kick.
The individual kicked out.
Hundreds of pounds of body slammed into the high wall behind him, and finally fell to the ground again.
Lu Hua, who had been hit hard, snorted and vomited a mouthful of blood.
“God of War, you…you…”
Lu Ziming was panicked and puzzled.
Lu Hua was also puzzled. His bloody red lips were dazzling. He raised his head and looked at the God of War in confusion.
“You still have the face to ask why?”
“Half a year ago, I warned you that widows of martyrs should not be insulted.”
“You beast is such a brave dog!”
“It’s okay to escape death by chance, but I still don’t know how to repent. Instead, I intensified to bring disaster to Jiangdong and to Ye Fan’s relatives.”
“Where do you come from, do you dare to move the family members of the titled master?”
“How is it now?”
“It’s nothing more than looking for death by yourself, and it hurts myself to be killed.”
“It even affected the lives and deaths of hundreds of people in my hot summer martial arts!”
“You scum, you deserve to die!”
Ye Qingtian drank again, his anger exploded like thunder.
Both Lu Hua and his son suffered heavy injuries, and were directly shocked by this sound wave, and fell to the ground vomiting blood!

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Agree with Aishah abt the King of Fighters….. If he had not overlook Lu Hua’s earlier crimes, the present situation wouldn’t have escalated to such had he been punished accordingly.
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