A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2931

On the top of Yanshan Mountain, there are gusts of cold wind, rolling up thousands of fallen leaves.
At this time, Ye Qingtian’s deep words still echoed here.
But Ye Fan was silent.
Qiu Mucheng hugged him tightly, as if she was afraid that Ye Fan would impulsively do stupid things.
In the wind and sand, there were tears on the beautiful face of the woman in front of her.
I don’t know how long it took, the aura in Ye Fan’s eyebrows quietly disappeared.
He stretched out his hand, gently helped Qiu Mucheng wipe away the tear marks on her forehead, and whispered: “Mucheng, let’s go, let’s go home.”
“Really?” Qiu Mucheng heard the words, her tearful pretty face suddenly burst into a smile.
Like a person walking at night, seeing the light in general.
“Well, go home.”
Ye Fan also smiled softly, and there was endless pity in that smile.
“Okay, let’s go home. Our mother must be waiting at home in a hurry, and we will go home.” Qiu Mucheng said joyfully, and then she couldn’t wait to take Ye Fan to the car.
In that way, it seemed that Ye Fan would regret it.
However, after Ye Fan sent Qiu Mucheng into the car, he suddenly turned around and looked at Ye Qingtian and others not far away: “God of War, I will trust you again for the last time.”
“I’m waiting in Jiangdong, your explanation from the Martial God Temple.”
Ye Fan raised his head and looked at Ye Qingtian’s eyes.
There is an inexplicable chill in the deep words.
Seeing that, it seems that if the Martial God Temple still cannot give him a satisfactory explanation this time, Ye Fan will come back again.
After speaking, Ye Fan got in the car and drove away from Yanshan with Qiu Mucheng and returned to Jiangdong.
“God of War, are you so easy to let this bastard leave?”
“Do you know that he killed more than a hundred people of my strong hot summer on the West Lake.”
“There are only a thousand warriors in the summer.”
“This junior suddenly destroyed one-tenth of my hot summer martial arts power.”
“Such a heinous crime, it is not an exaggeration to break him into pieces.”
“What’s more, he is so arrogant and rude to my Martial God Temple, he doesn’t put us pillar nations in the eyes.”
“If you don’t get rid of it today, it will definitely be my confidant in the summer martial arts!”
After Ye Fan left, Mo Gucheng, the King of Fighters, was unwilling.
An angry and puzzled face shouted at Ye Qingtian.
However, in the face of Mo Gucheng’s anger, Ye Qingtian snorted coldly, “Huh, do you have a face to say?”
“If it weren’t for your favoritism, let go of that Lu Hua in private.”
“How can it cause these things?”
“He Chen’s death, Lu Songliang’s beheaded, and the fall of more than a hundred martial arts experts, I think they are all thanks to you!”
Ye Qingtian yelled angrily, and Mo Gucheng’s face flushed with a few straight words, and he couldn’t speak at all.
In the end, I had to bite the bullet and retorted in a stern, “God of War, how can you say that.”
“How can you blame me?”
“I do everything in accordance with the rules, then Lu Hua is at fault, but it is true that he should not die.”
“Should you die, you know it in your heart!” Ye Qingtian was too lazy to pay attention to this Mo Gucheng, and he replied angrily, turned around and walked into the hall behind him.
In the main hall, Lu Hua and Lu Ziming and his son hid inside.
Even with the king of fighters and others taking shelter, Lu Hua still felt extremely disturbed.
“Father, you said the King of Fighters, will they hand us over?”
Lu Hua asked in fear.

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