A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2941

What is domineering?
This is called domineering!
The Wushen Temple dared not move him, and could not move him.
Such a thing, it is estimated that Ye Fan alone would dare to say that looking at the entire hot summer?
When Li Er heard it, he trembled and couldn’t speak at all.
The corners of his eyes twitched, and after a long silence, he continued: “Mr. Chu, you should go.”
“Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case, right?”
Li Er obviously didn’t believe Ye Fan’s words very much.
In his opinion, if Ye Fan committed such a serious crime in Jiangbei, the Martial God Temple would definitely not sit idly by.
What’s more, according to Li Er’s understanding, many people in Jiangbei have now gone to Yanjing to ask for their orders, asking the country to come forward and avenge those who fell under Ye Fan.
Maybe, now the senior officials of Yanxia Martial Arts have begun to plan a plan to capture and kill Ye Fan.
The greater possibility is that the powerhouse of the Martial God Temple is already on the way.
Once Ye Fan is captured and killed by the state, then all Ye Fan’s forces in Jiangdong will be taken over by the state.
At that time, his Li Er will definitely not be well.
Following Ye Fan for so long, Li Er had been inseparable from Ye Fan long ago.
As the saying goes, all things are prosperous, and all things are lost.
Ye Fanruo fell, whether it was Li Er or Lei Third, they were afraid that they would not survive.
In short, whether it is out of concern for Ye Fan or to protect his own interests, Li Er naturally hopes that Ye Fan will take the initiative to go to Yanshan and apologize to the Martial God Temple for his mistakes in order to seek
Leniency by the state.
However, facing Li Er’s endless chatter, Ye Fan was a little unhappy.
He frowned and said coldly: “Nothing in case.”
“As I said, the Martial God Temple dare not move me, nor will it move me.”
“On the contrary, they should give me an explanation.”
Li Er was stunned: “Explain?”
“What explanation?” Li Er asked puzzledly.
“Naturally, the heads of the Lu family’s father and son are on the head.”
“Lv Hua is not dead, there will be more killings!” Ye Fan said coldly.
When Li Er heard the words, his whole body trembled, and his old eyes were wide.
He looked at the young man in front of him like a ghost: “Chu…Mr. Chu, you…you want to kill?”
“Also, let the Martial God Temple kill you?”
Li Er was totally confused at the time.
He didn’t know if he was crazy or Ye Fan was crazy.
You know, Ye Fan has caused such a catastrophe in Jiangbei, and the Martial God Temple has not cured him for his sins, and Li Er already feels extremely bizarre.
But now, Ye Fan actually wanted to let the Martial God Palace kill Lu Hua and his son to give him an explanation.
is it possible?
Totally impossible!
It is absolutely impossible for Wushen Temple to make such concessions to Ye Fan.
You know, the Wushen Temple represents the entire Yanxia martial arts.
Ye Fan is a lonely family, how could the country succumb to him and regress?
On the contrary, it is more likely that Wushen Temple will feel that Ye Fan is arrogant and will hate him even more.
“Mr. Chu, no~”
“Don’t mention this request.”
“You committed a heinous killing in Jiangbei. Now many people have opposed you and demanded that the country punish you severely.”
“In this case, you still have such a high profile, let the Martial God Temple give you an explanation?”
“Your behavior in this way is a contempt for the Martial God Temple, and it will only anger them even more.”
“So Mr. Chu, you must never ask them this request~”
Li Er panicked, and his heart was full of anxiety and worry.

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