A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2942

After all, young people are young people, and they all rely on a sense of spirit, without considering the consequences.
He was really afraid now that Ye Fan would do anything impulsively, and in the end he would get a shot out of control.
“It’s late, I already mentioned it.”
“Today is the last day.”
“If it is before tonight, they will not give me an explanation. Tomorrow I will go to Yanshan and take the life of Nalu Hua by myself.”
Ye Fan said coldly, with endless chill in his words.
Even if he had slaughtered more than a hundred people in the Lu family, but Lu Hua was not dead, Ye Fan’s anger still remained.
After all, Lu Hua is the culprit.
Ye Fan’s heart will not be calm if he doesn’t kill him.
“You… have you already said?”
Li Er suddenly became desperate, not knowing whether it was because of fear or worry, his old eyes were red.
He wailed in a cry.
“It’s over~”
“It’s completely over…”
“Mr. Chu, you did a stupid thing.”
“How can the country bow its head to individuals?”
“You are forcing the Martial God Temple to kill you…”
“At that time, what you are waiting for is not an explanation from the Martial God Temple, but killing.”
Li Er’s words were sad, and the sound of grief echoed throughout the room.
At this moment, Li Er really felt that Jiangdong was over, and Ye Fan was over.
However, at this moment, the phone in Ye Fan’s house suddenly rang.
After three beeps, Ye Fan just walked over, turned on the PA, and picked up the sound.
“No, Mr. Chu, this is burning eyebrows, why are you answering the phone?”
“While the people from the Martial God Temple haven’t arrived, you can run away with Miss Qiu.”
“Run abroad~”
“I have a few more properties in the United States. I will give you the address in a moment.”
“You live there when you go.”
“As long as you live, your foundation in Jiangdong will not fail.”
“The Temple of Martial Arts must not dare to do anything wrong in Jiangdong~”
While Li Er was talking, he took Ye Fan and walked outside.
Li Er knows very well that as long as Ye Fan is still alive, the Martial God Temple will cast a rat and will not want to suppress Ye Fan’s power comrades in Jiangdong.
After all, the titled master went crazy, and the consequences would be extremely terrible.
“Is it Ye Fan?”
“I am Grandmaster Haotian, Tang Hao.”
“We met in Jiangdong before, should you remember me?”
When Li Er was anxious, there was a strong and low voice on the phone.
Li Er’s face was frightened.
He didn’t expect that this call turned out to be from the Martial God Temple.
Could it be that the people from the Wushen Temple are about to arrive?
Thinking of this, Li Er is undoubtedly even more desperate.
Right now, Ye Fan wanted to leave, but couldn’t leave.
“Well, I am Ye Fan.”
Li Er was full of panic and despair, but Ye Fan was very calm and replied in a deep voice.
“That’s right, I want to discuss with you about Lu Hua.”
“Now the Lu family in Jiangbei has been crushed by you, and Lu Songliang, the head of the Lu family, has fallen into your hands.”
“They have paid a heavy price for what they did.”
“So, look, can you keep this Lu Hua alive?”
“After all, he was left in this world by a member of the Lu family, and he has the last bit of blood.”
“As the saying goes, be forgiving and forgiving.”
“Keep him alive.”
Tang Hao asked Ye Fan in a discussing tone.
At this moment, when Li Er on the side heard this, he was startled.
Is this person really a high-level person in the Martial God Temple?
One of the dignified national martial arts masters, will Ye Fan be so low-profile?

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