A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2945

In front of the court, a hundred people bowed down.
The sad and moving voice echoed constantly between this world.
However, in the face of everyone’s request, the God of War got up, looked down at the people in front of the temple, and said coldly:
“Lu Hua committed a terrible disaster, and the sin is not tolerable.”
“Not to mention, the law is ruthless.”
“We want to keep him, but we can’t keep him.”
“So you don’t have to be like this, just go back.”
Ye Qingtian waved his hand and motioned for these people to leave.
However, how could Lu Ziming and the others be willing.
He raised his head, facing the god of war and others, and asked sadly:
“What about Ye Fan?”
“Should he not die?”
“Although my son was wrong, he killed no more than ten people in Jiangdong.”
“But where is Ye Fan?”
“Only on the West Lake, hundreds of people fell under his hands.”
“Plus my Lu family members.”
“Before and after, he slaughtered hundreds of my fellow hot summer people.”
“If my son Lu Hua dies, Ye Fan cannot forgive him either.”
Lu Ziming was unwilling and gritted his teeth.
“that’s right.”
“The sin Ye Fan caused me by Jiangbei Budo is even more serious.”
“As the martial arts leaders in the summer, you should be fair to Jiangbei.”
“However, if Lu Hua’s life is released today, we in Jiangbei Martial Arts will also take a step back and stop letting Ye Fan’s life to forgive sins.”
“Otherwise, your Martial God Temple has unfairly enforced the law. Why do you convince the public?”
As Lu Ziming finished speaking, the Jiangbei martial arts people behind him also spoke out, filled with indignation.
“That’s right, if you kill Lu Hua, you won’t punish Ye Fan.”
“We are not convinced by Jiangbei Budo!”
“We are not satisfied~”
In front of the Temple of Martial Arts, people in Jiangbei said one after another, asking the God of War and others to release Lu Hua.
Faced with the demands of everyone, for a while, the judge of this court didn’t know what to do.
At this time, the Juggernaut came over and discussed with Ye Qingtian: “Old Ye, their words do have some truth.”
“Although the Jiangbei incident, everything started from Lu Hua.”
“But in the end, Ye Fan has brought serious disasters to Jiangbei Budo.”
“Nowadays, many people in Jiangbei Martial Arts are clamoring for Ye Fan to pay for his life.”
“If we spare Lu Hua’s life, we will undoubtedly comfort the people in Jiangbei. At that time, they will no longer clamor for Ye Fan’s life.”
“If so, it is a happy ending for everyone.”
The Juggernaut whispered.
This kind of step-back plan is undoubtedly the best result for both parties.
Ye Qingtian nodded when he heard the words, “You are right, but on Ye Fan’s side, can he agree?”
The Juggernaut shook his head: “I asked Tang Hao to tentatively ask, Ye Fan really didn’t want to step back.”
“However, you are familiar with Ye Fan, and you have the grace to know and support him.”
“Maybe Ye Fan won’t listen to others’ words.”
“But you, I think he should be able to listen.”
“So, you mean, let me persuade him one more time?” Ye Qingtian frowned.
“Well, this is the only way now. Otherwise, our Martial God Temple may not be able to explain to Jiangbei Budo.” Sword Saint replied.
Ye Qingtian hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded: “Well, I will try.”
After speaking, Ye Qingtian got in touch with Ye Fan again in full view.

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