A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2946

“Ye Fan, just now, Juggernaut and I have already questioned Lu Hua.”
“All his crimes have been admitted.”
“A good attitude of admitting mistakes and showing remorse.”
“But don’t worry, this Lu Hua has committed a crime. It is impossible to covet the widow of a martyr.”
“This time, anyone who intercedes for him is useless.”
“Finally, after discussing his crimes, we decided to imprison him for life and never let him out of jail for the rest of his life.”
“What do you think of this disposition?”
This Ye Qingtian is also a scheming person.
Obviously, he wanted to save Lu Hua’s life, but instead of saying it directly, he went around in a circle and said that Lu Hua would be imprisoned for life.
This makes it sound to others that it does not seem to be begging Lu Hua at all.
“Old Ye still has a way~”
Tang Hao immediately admired him, and secretly gave the God of War a thumbs up.
The same is to plead with Lu Hua, which is said in different words, but the result is completely different.
When Lu Ziming heard this, he was still a little worried.
Although imprisoned for life, he could save his son’s life. However, this is not what he wants.
What he wanted was for the Martial God Temple to restore Lu Hua’s free body.
“Forget it, save Xiaohua’s life now.”
“For the rest, it will not be too late to mediate slowly in the future~”
Lu Ziming wanted to express his request, but he eventually swallowed the words that reached his mouth.
The road has to be walked step by step, and now is not the time to say this.
Being able to save Lu Hua’s life shows that his first effort has been successful.
In the future, after waiting for a few years, everyone forgot about this matter. At that time, he will use some more methods to rescue his son from the martial arts prison.
Palm thing?
However, just when everyone thought that Lu Hua’s life had been saved, there was a faint cold voice on the other side of the phone, which quietly sounded: “Death sentence, executed immediately!”
Ye Fan’s words, although only a few words.
But the forest and chill contained in it are almost infinite!
The moment he heard this, everyone present was stunned.
Tang Hao trembled, and the Sword Saint’s eyes widened.
It was Ye Qingtian himself, and his expression was terrible!
As for Lu Ziming and others, it was extremely trembling.
They never thought that Ye Fan would not even give the face of God of War.
Ye Qingtian told him so much, he just replied directly, the death penalty is executed immediately?
The God of War stunned slightly, opened his mouth, and wanted to say something.
However, Ye Fan’s voice came out again before the God of War spoke.
“I handed Lu Hua to the Martial Arts Court to deal with, and that was my biggest concession.”
“Of course, if you don’t kill, then tomorrow, I will go to Yanshan and kill myself.”
“Lu Hua, must die.”
“How to choose, you decide for yourself.”
The words are low, with unquestionable majesty.
After speaking, Ye Fan hung up the phone.
Only here is the dead silence of the whole hall.
After a long time, Sword Saint, Tang Hao and others looked at Ye Qingtian: “Old Ye, what should I do now?”
The God of War shook his head and sighed.
“What else can I do?”
“Just do what he wants.”
“God of War, you can’t kill Xiaohua…”
“Please, he is our Lu family’s only hope…”
Lu Ziming suddenly cried and wailed. However, to no avail.
Above the main hall, as the hammer’s clear sound resounded through the hall, the judge also gave Lu Hua a final trial.
“Lu Hua, from Jiangbei…”
“Murder Zhu Guo’s relatives and friends, disturb Jiangdong…”
“Sin is not forgiven.”
“The sentence is now pronounced, the death sentence is executed immediately!”

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