A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2952

At that time, Qiu Mucheng was blushing like a rose in July, delectably charming.
While beating Ye Fan’s chest in anger, he shyly shrank his face in Ye Fan’s arms, not daring to see anyone.
As for Wang Ming, his eyes were almost split.
“Bad son, I killed you~”
Wang Ming couldn’t keep calm anymore, his whole body was completely lost, and he picked up a piece from the ground and turned his head to hit Ye Fan’s forehead.
“Master, calm down…”
At this time, the old man before, with a pale face, quickly got out of the car, hugged Wang Ming, and persuaded him again and again.
The words were almost crying.
“Master, what are you doing, the couple are affectionate, how angry are you?”
With a bitter face and full of fear, the old man kept persuading him.
“What nonsense are you talking about?”
“Does a bastard deserve Miss Qiu?”
“A couple, he is worthy too?”
“Don’t let me go!”
Wang Ming was still yelling to kill Ye Fan.
But Qiu Mucheng had already broken free from Ye Fan’s arms at this time.
However, there is still a blush on her pretty face. After breaking away from Ye Fan’s embrace, a pair of beautiful eyes stared at Ye Fan angrily, as if saying to go home and pack you.
Ye Fan spread out his hands and grinned, looking like a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.
“Miss Qiu, are you all right.”
“It frightened you, wait, I will teach this prodigal son!”
Seeing that Qiu Mucheng had been freed, Wang Ming was still angry and wanted to teach Ye Fan.
However, what Wang Ming did not expect was that Qiu Mucheng was not only not half moved, but also stood in front of him and said coldly, “Ms. Wang, I hope you will not use this again in the future.
Insulting words to describe my husband. ”
At that moment, just like a bolt from the blue sky, Wang Ming immediately stayed there.
“He… is he really your husband?”
“You…you…you are already married?”
Wang Ming said silently, he looked at Qiu Mucheng and then at Ye Fan, who was standing in front of him.
For a moment, Wang Ming felt that his heart was broken.
But Qiu Mucheng continued: “However, I still have to thank Mr. Wang for his kindness. Since my husband has already come to pick me up, I don’t bother Mr. Wang to send it.”
“I’m leaving now, so please go back as soon as possible.”
After the explanation, Qiu Mucheng also walked to Ye Fan: “Why are you still standing there? Don’t go home soon. My image in the company will be ruined by you sooner or later~”
Qiu Mucheng complained angrily, but her heart was exceptionally sweet and happy.
Isn’t that the case with women?
I don’t want it in my mouth, but I still want it in my heart.
Duplicity is the natural skill of every woman.
Soon, Ye Fan and his wife drove away.
Here, only Wang Ming remained, like a goose, stuck in the wind and rain.
“Choo…Miss Qiu, really married?”
“Just… with such a stuff?”
“He deserves too?”
No one can understand Wang Ming’s feelings at this time, there is loss and even more anger.
I only felt a flower stuck in the cow dung.
However, after being angry, Wang Ming laughed instead.
“fair enough.”
“A person who is not worthy of Miss Qiu will not last long.”
“A really long marriage was evenly matched at the time.”
“As long as I launch an offensive, I will easily take down the president of the Mufan Group.”
Wang Ming smiled slowly, his words full of confidence.
However, the white-haired old man on the side shook his head and sighed, “Hey, master, don’t think about good things.”
“Die this heart early.”
“When you first came to Jiangdong, I have not had time to tell you many things.”

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