A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2953

“what happened?”
“Why should I give up?”
“In your eyes, my Wang Ming is still inferior to this stinky boy?”
Wang Ming was a little angry.
Their Wang Group’s financial strength and regional influence may be somewhat different from that of the Mufan Group. But it is also a well-known listed company.
As the general manager of the company, Wang Ming naturally has his own pride.
If she was not as good as Qiu Mucheng, Wang Ming could still accept it. But now, the close minister next to him actually shows that he is not as good as a street gangster, which makes Wang Mingqi
Can you not be angry?
Yes, in Wang Ming’s eyes, Ye Fan is just a foolish bastard.
After all, if a person with good cultivation, how could he be so frivolous and profligate in full view.
After saying this, Wang Ming thought that the old man in front of him would immediately apologize and explain.
But what Wang Ming didn’t expect was that the old man shook his head and said bitterly, “Master, to be honest, you really can’t compare to this young man.”
“You~” Wang Ming was almost mad at the time.
“Master, don’t be angry first.”
“I didn’t mean to belittle you.”
“It’s not you who can’t match him.”
“The entire Jiangdong, billions of people, can never be compared to him.” The old man said with a wry smile.
When Wang Ming heard this, he immediately trembled: “You mean, he…he is…”
Before Wang Ming said the name of that person, the old man in front of him nodded, “Well, he is Mr. Chu.”
“Jiangdong Zhizun, Mr. Chu.”
“Qiu Mucheng, the president of Mufan Group, is his woman.”
“Stealing women from Mr. Chu, Master, do you think you have a play?”
The old man said quietly, a wry smile filled with powerlessness.
Their Wang Group has only recently entered Jiangdong to start business. He had always negotiated business with Mufan Group on behalf of the company.
Other provinces rushed to Jiangdong.
Therefore, in many cases, Wang Ming did not know.
But the old man in front of him is undoubtedly much clearer.
Otherwise, after Wang Ming showed his affection for Qiu Mucheng just now, the old man tried to persuade him one after another because he was afraid that Wang Ming would cause a catastrophe.
Fortunately, Mr. Chu has a large number of adults, and he doesn’t seem to have the same knowledge as Wang Ming.
Otherwise, if Mr. Chu is really held accountable, their Wang Group will only have to give in and apologize.
The strong dragon can’t beat the local snake, after all, this is their home court.
What’s more, Mr. Jiang Dongchu’s actions and methods are indeed not something that the Wang Group can contend.
“He… is he really Mr. Chu?”
“Why is this… so young?”
Wang Ming was completely stunned in place, his old eyes stared, and his whole person was almost frightened.
Although he is not from Jiangdong, the name of Mr. Jiangdongchu has long been announced.
Not only in the martial arts world, but also in the hot summer business community, Mr. Chu’s name is absolutely thunderous, and all the powerful and powerful in Jiangdong have bowed to him.
If enterprises from other provinces want to set foot in the Jiangdong market, in addition to the permission of the Jiangdong government, the other is to get Mr. Chu’s permission.
Otherwise, they will come in, and it will be difficult to move in Jiangdong business community.

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