A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 296

“Well, you will come.”
“Next time you are optimistic about your friend, you have to pay attention to ways and methods to follow stars.”
“Now that Mr. Chu has become famous in the first battle and dominates Jiangdong, I don’t know how many people admire Mr. Chu. If they are all as impulsive as you, then it’s worth it?”
“This time, thanks to me for blocking your friend, otherwise, it would really offend Mr. Chu. You two would not have enough heads to cut.”
“Don’t leave soon?”
The security spoke for a while, and then released Qiu Mucheng and let them go.
“Orange, what happened to you just now?”
“Have you taken the wrong medicine?”
“Mr. Chu is now the nobleman of Jiangdong, a big figure comparable to the lord of a province. You just rushed forward like this, you don’t want to live anymore?”
“Even if you really want to marry Mr. Chu, you want to give your arms, you can’t fight with your life, right?”
“I really don’t understand you.” The first URL m.
“Where did your calm and calm energy go before? Why are you so impulsive?”
The wheels were speeding, and Susie and Qiu Mucheng had already returned to the car and drove to the hotel. Recalling what happened just now, Susie was scared for a while and couldn’t help but scold Qiu Mucheng.
Along the way, Qiu Mucheng remained silent, as if she had lost her soul.
Susie looked even more speechless: “Mucheng, what’s the matter with you? Talk to you.”
Susie kept asking. Finally, after a long time, Qiu Mucheng whispered back: “Cici, I think I saw Ye Fan.”
“Ye Fan? That son-in-law? That countryman?”
“Could he still chase you to Anning County, crying for reunion?”
“Damn, he is really lingering.”
“Tell me, where is he, this lady will meet him, she has to let this hillbilly give up her heart, and can’t let him pester you again.”
After Susie heard that Ye Fan was chasing Anning County, she was undoubtedly annoyed for an instant, and she cursed Ye Fan with scornful expressions while driving.
However, the following sentence from Qiu Mucheng made Su Qian stunned.
“Cici, Mr. Chu in the hall today, perhaps, is Ye Fan.”
Susie had a sudden brake at the time, and the tires rubbed the ground and made a harsh scream.
Under the huge inertia, he dragged the BMW car around on the road, and finally stopped horizontally in the middle of the road.
“Orange, what are you talking about?”
“You said that hillbilly, is it Mr. Chu?”
Susie’s eyes widened, as if she had seen a ghost.
“Stop making trouble!”
“If you say that your brother-in-law Chu Wenfei is Mr. Chu who has turned the tide in today’s hall, I might still believe it.”
“But you actually said that your door-to-door husband is Mr. Chu?”
“I think you are crazy.”
“Aren’t you ignorant of your poor husband’s ability, he is a hillbilly, can he be Mr. Chu?”
Susie couldn’t help but said, she didn’t believe those nonsense words of Qiu Mucheng at all.
“Furthermore, today, Mr. Chu, although we didn’t see the true face, the brave back, the bravery of the world, do you think a country bunny can have it?”
“Orange, I’ll just ask you, do you think your wimpy husband, courageous and courageous, can stand in front of the Jiangdong guys, domineeringly shout out the majestic words of “In the future Jiangdong, respect me”? ”
Susie shook her head for a while, only thinking that her best friend was really sick.
“Orange, I took you on this trip to relax. I want you to come out of the shadow of a failed marriage. Why are you sinking deeper and deeper?”
“Look at everyone like your wretched husband.”
“It’s nothing more than to say that my male idol is like that hillbilly, Mr. Jiang Dongzhi Zun Chu, you also said that you are like that door-to-door son-in-law?”
“This identity is so different, you dare to think about it?”
“You are really hopeless to save you.”
Susie stroked her forehead for a while, her eyes full of helplessness.

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