A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2968

Of course, apart from this one-vote veto power, Ye Qingtian did not have any other substantive power in his hands.
For example, if Ye Qingtian wants to get the title of Ye Fan, he must get the approval of Juggernaut and others.
After all, only Wushen Temple has the right to grant titles, and Ye Qingtian does not have this power.
Although the power between Ye Qingtian and the three permanent hall masters of Wushen Temple is mutually restricted, but for so many years, there is not much between Ye Qingtian and Juggernaut and others.
Until the appearance of Ye Fan, a huge disagreement was triggered within the Martial God Temple.
Whether it was granting Ye Fan the title at the time, or deciding whether to execute a beheading action on Ye Fan, or now letting Ye Fan enter the Temple of Martial Arts and become the permanent palace master.
“Juggernaut, I explained it to you.”
“Although Ye Fan is a little bit frivolous when he is young, he is not a man without a bottom line.”
“The reason why I propose to make him one of the permanent hall masters is that I also want to use “family and country important responsibility” to regulate his words and deeds. ”
“Only by letting him enter the system, a wild horse can become a good war horse!”
“Only in this way can Ye Fan better contribute to the country.”
Ye Qingtian persuaded again.
However, the Juggernaut shook his head: “Do you want to use “responsibility” to domesticate him? ”
“But have you ever thought about it if it can’t be domesticated?”
“What if he only feels power but no responsibility after becoming the permanent hall master?”
“The permanent position of the Lord is not a trifling matter.”
“I can’t risk the future of a country’s martial arts.”
“You don’t have to talk about this anymore.”
“In short, I will not agree to this proposal until I see his changes.”
Without waiting for Ye Qingtian’s answer, the Juggernaut turned and left after saying this.
Behind him, only Ye Qingtian and Tang Hao were left, smiling bitterly at each other.
“It seems that it is difficult for Ye Fan to become the permanent hall master.” Ye Qingtian sighed infrequently.
Since the Jiangbei massacre, from the Temple of Martial Arts to the martial arts of various provinces, there was a great resistance to Ye Fan.
Now even the Juggernaut seriously doubted Ye Fan’s character.
“If you don’t enter, you won’t enter, why are you so persistent in letting Ye Fan enter the system of the Martial God Temple?”
“Ye Fan is immature after all. Although he is lonely and courageous, I think his current ability is far from enough to manage major affairs of the family and the country.”
Tang Hao was actually quite surprised and puzzled about Ye Qingtian’s suggestion.
After all, Ye Fan was too young.
It is by no means a wise move to reach the highest position of power at this age.
Ye Qingtian shook his head when he heard the words, and sighed, “You don’t understand my thoughts.”
“From the first sight of Ye Fan, I have a feeling.”
“In the future, my hot summer martial arts will be able to revive the glory of the past, whether my hot summer will surpass Chumen and reach the top of the world martial arts world, it is very likely that it will all be in Ye Fan’s body!”
“In other words, it is very possible that he is the one I have searched for nearly a hundred years, who can lead me in the summer martial arts and achieve a great revival.
“I sent him into the Martial God Temple system, not to let him touch the light of our summer. But one day, I can touch his light in the martial arts of the summer.”
“One person gets the way, the chicken and the dog ascend to heaven.”
“The reason why Chumen dominated the world back then was because of the three Chumen families, a leader who had never met in a thousand years appeared. It was him who shaped the glory of Chumen that lasted for hundreds of years.
Huang. ”
In the hall, Ye Qingtian’s heart-warming words echoed slowly.
As for Tang Hao, he was already stunned.
He stared at the God of War blankly, and Ye Qingtian’s words echoed in his mind.
“You mean, I…we are hot in summer, want… to be in his light?”
Tang Hao asked silently.

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