A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2969

He always knew that God of War favored Ye Fan.
But Tang Hao never expected that God of War would have such a high evaluation of Ye Fan?
Actually, all the national destiny of the hot summer martial arts was placed on Ye Fan.
“This…this Ye Fan, is it really so good?”
Tang Hao still found it incredible, his eyes full of disbelief.
After all, Ye Qingtian’s evaluation of Ye Fan is too high, and it makes people feel that it is so unrealistic.
Ye Qingtian was not surprised at Tang Hao’s reaction.
After all, Ye Qingtian also knows what his evaluation means.
He also knows how good and strong a person can shoulder the national fortune.
“I don’t know, I just have a feeling.”
“As for whether my feeling is right, let time verify it.”
The God of War said in a deep voice, but in the deep words, there was an inexplicable expectation.
After speaking, Ye Qingtian also left the hall.
However, when he reached the door, Ye Qingtian stopped suddenly and turned to Tang Hao, “I will leave for a few days. If the King of Fighters has a message, please let me know at any time.”
“it is good.”
Tang Hao obviously hadn’t recovered from the tremor just now, and after a long time, he just replied with a good word.
At the same time, the United States is on the other side of the ocean.
It was in the evening when the lanterns were on.
The bustling streets are full of people.
The man put his arm around the woman, the parents took the child and walked down the street.
Either quarreling, or talking, the various states of life in this bustling city are no longer being staged all the time.
On the outskirts of this city, Mount Chumen is much quieter than during the day.
In the Chu Family Manor, there are only a few junior children playing around in the courtyard.
Facing the night, an old man slowly walked out of the room and wandered around in the manor.
Occasionally, I would give some sweets to the children I met on the road, and then I would ask them some small questions.
If Ye Fan were here, he would definitely recognize at a glance, the old man in front of him was the old Han who had been in the Chu family and had been in contact with him.
Since the first parting in Yunzhou, Ye Fan and Han Lao have not seen each other for more than two years.
Compared with that time, Mr. Han is much older now.
Those old eyes were much bleak.
The gray hair was messy in the wind, and the straight body in the past is now slightly rickety.
It seems that in the past two years, Mr. Han’s situation in the Chu family has changed a lot.
At least, in his demeanor, he can no longer see the glory and confidence of the past.
“what did you say?”
“Something happened in Japan too? Need help?”
“Dute is a bunch of trash!”
“Send my order.”
“Immediately summon all relevant personnel for a meeting in the lobby.”
At this moment, a young man’s angry voice suddenly came from the front.
This young man is by no means anyone else, it is Chu Qitian who is now in the Chu family.
Now the entire Chu family is controlled by his father Chu Zhengliang.
As Chu Zhengliang’s son, Chu Qitian’s status has naturally risen.
A large part of the financial advice in the family has been handed over to Chu Qitian.
However, today’s Chu Qitian’s life is obviously not so easy.
Especially in the past few days, the Chu family’s industries all over the world have suffered successive accidents. Moreover, some affiliated forces that were loyal to the Chu family suddenly turned back, rebelled against the Chu family, and no longer
Feng Chu family respected, and no longer paid tribute taxes.
When these things were put together, Chu Qitian was undoubtedly burnt, so that he directly sweared along the way.
Chu Qitian cursed while walking towards the family meeting room.
However, when passing by Mr. Han, Chu Qitian suddenly stopped.

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