A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 299

The car that Ye Fan was sitting in had already left, and Chen Ao was the only one left here, his old eyes twitching, and his whole person stuck in the wind and rain.
Just now, the mayor of a city offered to invite a banquet with Mr. Chu.
If I change to another person, I am afraid that I will be mad, and I will be honored.
But who would have thought that Mr. Chu had no time to say anything, so he refused?
The reason is still to be anxious to go home and cook for his wife.
“I can go to Nima!”
“Mr. Chu, can we be more awesome?!!!”
At that time, Chen Ao was almost lost.
If you dare to love the mayor’s banquet, why not go back and cook for your wife?
In the end, Chen Ao had to smile wryly, feeling that Mr. Chu was really awesome, and then he tried to find a way to see how to express Mr. Chu’s meaning to Zhou Haifeng.
Inside the car. First URL m.
Li Lao Er and Chen Nan also had bitter faces.
“Mr. Chu, Zhou Shi took the initiative to invite a banquet, so let’s refuse it like this. Don’t give face, isn’t it a bit bad?” Li Er whispered.
Ye Fan didn’t care, “What’s wrong? Can the city warm up my bed this week, or can I pass on my family?”
“Since he can’t do anything, why should I take my time home to go to his banquet?”
“What’s more, eating people’s mouth is short, and people’s hand is short. This Zhou Haifeng suddenly invited a banquet, fearing that there is something for me to do. I went, but instead caused trouble for myself, it is better not to go and have fun. ”
Ye Fan said lightly.
The reason why he refused directly just now was not only because he was anxious to go back, but also because of other considerations.
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Li Er and Chen Nan also nodded secretly, undoubtedly admiring Ye Fan even more in their hearts.
Sometimes, Li’s second child wondered, is this person really just a young man in his early twenties? Just his mind, I am afraid that many old people who have gone through the vicissitudes of life will be inferior.
The wheels were speeding, and the orange lights tore through the sky, rushing towards Yunzhou thousands of miles away.
The explosion of the engine, like the low roar of a beast, resounded through the whole world.
If a traffic policeman took a speedometer to measure it, he would definitely find that the speed of this Mercedes-Benz was as high as 180, and it was still increasing.
“Is this car crazy?”
“Hurrying to reincarnate?”
The trembling of passers-by came in my ears.
On the other hand, Qiu Mucheng just hung up the phone with Ye Fan.
“How about it, Orange, do you give up now?”
“I told you a long time ago, Ye Fan and Mr. Chu are two people who can’t fight each other.”
“What’s more, Ye Fan’s surname is Ye, even if it is really awesome, it is not called Mr. Chu, but Mr. Ye.”
In the white BMW, Susie shook her head and said to Qiu Mucheng.
Ye Fan said just now that he was buying vegetables at the vegetable market near the community, which was tantamount to confirming from the side that Ye Fan was not in Anning County, and it also proved that Qiu Mucheng’s previous thoughts were completely nonsense.
“Yeah, give up.”
However, to Su Qian’s surprise, she thought that Qiu Mucheng would be lost after she learned the truth, but who would have thought that she laughed instead.
A smile of relief, a smile of relief.
As if the bird broke free from the shackles and soared into the world, the depression from this day disappeared immediately.
“Orange, how do I feel that you look happy?”
“Don’t you want your wimpy husband to be a big man?”
“Don’t you want Ye Fan to be Mr. Chu?”
“It stands to reason that you should be lost. Instead, are you still smiling here?”
“I really don’t understand you.” Susie was puzzled.
Qiu Mucheng shook her head, “In fact, it’s good to keep the status quo.”
“The ordinary life is warm.”
“At least, he is still Ye Fan.”

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