A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2998

At this time, Xu Lei, who had always been calm, suddenly became angry.
With cold eyes, she looked directly at Xu Wenqing: “Second grandfather, you are an elder, you ridicule me and insult me, you are free, I have no complaints. But please don’t insult my Xiaofan brother.

“That’s true, it’s really touching.”
“One bite for Brother Fan, that bastard is so precious in your heart, you can’t even talk about it.”
“However, you treat others as treasures, what about them?”
“I’m afraid I just treat you as an optional weed.”
“A lover who has been raised outside, it is really hard for you to be a sister.”
“Okay, I don’t bother to talk nonsense with you.”
“Hurry up and hand over the Patriarch’s ring that belongs to my father. Don’t force me to grab it with you.”
Xu Meifeng was full of disgust, speaking coldly.
After saying these words, he no longer had the patience, and rushed directly, grabbing Xu Lei’s hand and then forcibly pulling down the ring.
“You hurt me~”
Xu Meifeng’s effort was so great, Xu Lei grinned even though it hurt.
When groaning, Xu Lei pushed Xu Meifeng out.
Xu Meifeng staggered, wailed, and took a few steps back, and she squatted directly on the ground.
“It hurts me so much.”
“Xu Lei, you bitch, do you dare to do something at me?”
Xu Meifeng was angry and wronged.
At this time, Wei Luo hurried over to comfort him: “Fengfeng, are you okay?”
“Brother Luo, this bitch is bullying me, and you want to avenge me.” Xu Meifeng cried.
Wei Luo calmed down, “Well, Fengfeng, don’t worry, I won’t let you suffer this humiliation in vain.”
After speaking, Wei Luo suddenly got up and walked in Xu Lei’s direction.
At this time, Wei Luo, handsome face was no longer elegant, but became cold and sullen.
“Miss Xu Er, why bother?”
“I have to make things so unbearable.”
“If you abdicate obediently, Wei Luo will not embarrass a woman.”
“But now, you beat Fengfeng, how can I forgive you?”
“If you know each other, you should kneel down and apologize to Fengfeng, and then offer the ring with both hands.”
“Otherwise, I won’t let you stand and walk out of this Xu family!”
This Wei Luo is also a mad demon protecting his wife.
Xu Meifeng was only a little wronged, so he forced Xu Lei to kneel down and apologize.
As for everyone in the Xu family, they were silent and watched coldly.
It’s like, what’s happening right now has nothing to do with them.
At this moment, the halls of Nuo Da, the family members full of houses, did not say a word for Xu Lei.
I don’t know why, from the moment Wei Luo gave Xu Meifeng her head, Xu Lei’s eyes suddenly turned red, and there was an urge to cry in her heart.
She was not panic, nor scared, but she felt so lonely and helpless.
She was a little envious of Xu Meifeng.
I envy her every time someone is injured, someone will stand up for her and protect her from the wind and rain.
And Xu Lei, she will always face all this alone alone.
She really hopes that there will be a young man by her side who can always guard her like Wei Luo guarding Xu Meifeng.
“It seems that Miss Xu Er is toasting and not eating fine wine.”
“In that case, don’t blame this young master for being rude!”
Seeing Xu Lei still indifferent, Wei Luo was completely angry.
With a cold face, he stepped up and stretched out his palm to draw directly towards Xu Lei.
Don’t you apologize?
Today he called her to apologize!
How could his Wei Luo woman allow others to insult?
Facing Wei Luo’s sudden attack, Xu Lei did not resist, but closed her eyes, stood quietly, and silently endured.
What’s the use of resistance?
She was a weak woman, she resisted, and she was afraid that she could not escape Wei Luo’s insult.
However, just when Xu Lei chose to accept it.
Suddenly, the closed door was pushed open.
Outside, light came in.
Immediately afterwards, a majestic and majestic voice trembles the entire Xu Family Manor like a billowing thunder.
“My sister of Ye Fan, who would dare to touch her?”

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