A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3013

“Little lord, my injury has been fine for a long time.”
“Now I am the same as before. One punch can kill a cow.”
“Help the young master guard Yanjing, that must be no problem.”
“So Young Master, you don’t have to worry about me anymore.”
Tong Shan grinned, hehe silly.
This big man of more than two meters looked like a child honestly in front of Ye Fan.
Looking at the honest big man in front of him, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.
“Fool, how could it be okay.”
“What you lost, but the future and future of your martial arts line.”
“Back when I went to Japan, I wanted to avenge you.”
“But no matter what, Yuedu was reborn, after all, he couldn’t kill Mochizuki River for you.”
Seeing these old people, Ye Fan remembered a lot of past events.
At the end, Ye Fan sighed long after all.
“Forget it, I won’t mention the past.”
“If in the future, Ye Fan still has my life to return, I will visit famous doctors all over the world, and I will definitely cure your old body diseases.”
Ye Fan said in a deep voice, but there was an inexplicable heaviness and firmness in his words.
This is Ye Fan’s promise and his responsibility.
Tong Shan and him back then were to seek a great future.
But now, in order to protect his relatives and friends, he ruined the future of Tongshan.
In Ye Fan’s heart, how could he not feel guilty?
However, these words, Ye Fan did not dare to say too deadly.
After all, Ye Fan didn’t know if he had any future.
“Little Lord, what do you mean?”
“Are you in trouble?”
“Why speak like this?”
Hearing what Ye Fan said, both Tongshan and Qingtan were shocked.
It was Xu Lei who turned his head abruptly and looked at Ye Fan. The worry in his eyebrows is even worse.
“It’s okay, what trouble can I have?”
“Others don’t know my abilities, you stupid big guy still don’t know what I can do?”
“Okay, okay, I’ll talk about the old days later.”
“I’ll take care of the obnoxious guy in front of me.”
Ye Fan didn’t seem to want to say anything more on this issue, so he staggered the subject and turned his attention to Wei Luo.
“Master Wei, how?”
“Now, do you still think that I, King Yanjing, is not really named?”
“Now, do you dare to make me apologize to Xiao Lei?”
Ye Fan smiled faintly, how vivid the teasing and playfulness in the words.
When Ye Fan said this, Ye Yuyan, Xue Renyang and others looked at Wei Luo with pity.
In their opinion, this so-called young master of the Wei family is undoubtedly poor in skills, like fish on a chopping board, and then Ren Ye Fan will be killed.
However, the panic that Ye Yuyan and others imagined did not appear on Wei Luo’s face.
Facing Ye Fan’s words, Wei Luo just clenched his palms, and a gloomy appearance appeared on the handsome face: “Good you Ye Fan.”
“You really make me admire.”
“However, it’s over here.”
“Next, I will let you see the real power of my Zhonghai Wei family.”
Wei Luo said while shaking his head.
“Originally, I didn’t want to use his power.”
“But Ye Fan, you asked for all this.”
“Trust me, next, I will let you know what is strong and what is despair!”
After the words fell, Wei Luo looked cold, then turned around and shouted in a deep voice outside the manor.
“Old Kong, the rest, I beg you!”
Wei Luo clasped his fists in his hands, bowed slightly to the direction outside the door, his words were loud and respectful, and his posture seemed extremely humble.
“Could it be that Wei Luo still has a back player?”
Xu Lei frowned immediately.
Ye Yuyan and others’ expressions also became serious.
Xu Wenqing and other members of the Xu family also showed surprises.

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