A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3014

Obviously, no one had thought that Wei Luo had hidden so many hole cards.
“It seems that Master Wei’s coming to Yanjing this time is extremely well prepared!”
Everyone in the Xu family whispered secretly, and then turned their heads one after another, following Wei Luo’s gaze to look forward.
One second~
Two seconds~

A full ten seconds passed, and the world in front was still empty, without any figure appearing.
“what happened?”
“No one there?”
“No accident will happen again, right?”
Seeing this, the faces of Xu Wenqing and others turned black at that time.
After all, Wei Luo’s previous methods against Ye Fan failed. They were really afraid that something went wrong with Wei Luo’s final trump card.
“Master Wei, do you really still have anyone?”
Worried, Xu Wenqing walked over and asked Wei Luo in a low voice, with worry in his eyes.
After all, the Xu family has now expelled Xu Lei from the family.
It can be said that they have completely torn their faces with Ye Fan.
Now the entire Xu family has been tied to a warship with Wei Luo, and every one is prosperous, and every one is damaged.
If Wei Luo can’t handle Ye Fan, can you imagine how miserable their fate will be?
Therefore, the Xu family naturally cared about whether Wei Luo had a hole card.
At the moment when Xu Wenqing’s words fell, outside the room, there was a sudden wind.
The rustling cold wind, like the low roar of the devil, swept across the world in an instant.
In Xujia Manor, thousands of fallen leaves are flying, and the sky is full of dust.
“This this…”
“What’s going on here?”
The sudden change caused everyone in the hall to tremble in shock.
“Second uncle, look at it~”
“what is that!”
“Is it a figure?”
In the hall, a person suddenly screamed.
Everyone’s eyes are looking.
Sure enough, I don’t know when, in the wind and sand in the sky, a dark shadow appeared quietly.
It was a figure of an old man, his gray hair pulsating in the wind.
Grey robe, hunting.
At the moment this person appeared, everyone felt that a huge oppression was oncoming.
Even Tong Shan, Ye Fan and others are also feeling the pressure.
“So powerful!”
“Wei family, there are such strong people?”
Ye Yuyan’s eyes were dignified and she whispered.
Tongshan and Qingtan became nervous unconsciously.
However, some people are happy and some are worried.
After feeling the mighty power of the incoming person, Xu Wenqing and others’ previous worries immediately disappeared, and they were replaced by joy.
“As expected of Master Wei!”
“Just playing, he has such a momentum, this person must be a very strong master.”
“The Wei family deserves to be the veteran giant that has dominated Zhonghai for a century.”
“This kind of background, my Xu family can’t match it?”
“With such a strong helping hand, that bastard is dead!”
“The gods can’t save him~”
The Xu family suddenly boiled.
Xu Wenqing and others were even more excited.
That kind of feeling is like waiting for the hero who turned the tide in despair.
“Xiao Luo, tell me, who is it who knows how to live and die, dare to move you?”
An indifferent voice came from a few meters away.
Although the distance is not close, the voice is strong and thick, and full of air, like a muffled thunder in the ears of everyone.
Even the voice is so powerful, everyone is undoubtedly more in awe of this person.
“Old Kong, sorry.”
“I didn’t want to trouble you.”
“But I can’t help it. The few strong men I have brought are all compromised.”
“In desperation, I can only ask you to leave the mountain.”
Wei Luo’s words were somewhat guilty and apologetic.
After all, Kong Lao is respected in the Wei family.
It was his grandfather, Wei Patriarch, who was in awe of Kong Lao.
It stands to reason that Wei Luo is not qualified to mobilize such powerful men.
But this trip to Yenching was arduous and important.
Therefore, the Wei family made an exception to let Old Master Kong accompany him, secretly sheltering Wei Luo to be safe.
Now that Wei Luo asked him to take action, he naturally had to say something nice to hold him high.

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Isn’t he the same guy that accompanied ye fan to pick that fruit abroad mehn this is getting lovely can’t wait to see the look in their faces

OMG completely forgot about that guy. If you didn’t mention this I probably wouldn’t find out until later this week. Now I’m hyped to see their reactions!!!

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