A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3024

In that way, it seems to be saying, what shit Mr. Chu? What is Xujia Xuejia?
When facing the majesty of my Wei family, isn’t it the same to apologize and subdue?
However, Wei Guang shook his head in response to what everyone said, “I said, not this.”
“The Xu family is certainly powerful, but a declining wealthy family is in its heyday, and it is not enough to compete with our Wei family. As for the so-called three new noble Xue family, let alone,
It is just an outbreak household, and it is not worth my special investigation. ”
“What I want to talk about this time is about the Lu family and the Xu family.”
Everyone was taken aback by Wei Guang’s words.
“The Lu family and the Xu family?”
“You mean, the two red giants of Yanjing?”
Wei Guang nodded: “It’s them.”
“Perhaps you didn’t pay attention. More than a year ago, the family of Lu and Xu had changed.”
“Lu He, the head of the Lu family, was suspended and transferred, and the whole family quietly moved away from the ancestral land.”
“And Xu Junlin, the old man of the Xu family, died violently, and the second master of the Xu family went to jail.”
“Suddenly, the two great wealthies of the past fell from a height.”
Wh… what?
“The Lu family moved?”
“The second head of the Xu family is in jail?”
“Father Xu Junlin is also dead?”
“This… how is this possible?”
“When is this happening, why don’t we know at all.”
“What happened?”
Wei Guang’s words caused the whole hall to tremble.
In the hall, everyone was stunned, just feeling full of shock.
Although Yanjing and Zhonghai are separated by thousands of miles.
However, the Lu Xu family and the Xue family are both one of the top forces in the summer, and they have had many contacts for so many years.
Especially when Xu Junlin was in power, the relationship between Xu and Wei was like glue.
Today, there is a girl from the Xu family who married in the Wei family.
It is precisely because of mutual understanding that the Wei family knows the background and strength of these two families.
However, they never expected that such a wealthy family would have such a big change overnight?
This makes people feel incredible, but also makes people particularly alert.
“You don’t know it’s normal.”
“The message is blocked.”
“It was a long time before I learned about the status of their two families.”
“During this time, I have also been investigating this matter.”
“I also want to find out, what is the reason that the two giants that were once prosperous have toppled overnight?”
“It wasn’t until this time that I went to Jiangdong to fully understand the reason.”
Wei Guang’s expression was serious, and his low voice kept echoing in the hall.
“Say, what’s the reason?”
“Could it be that someone really has the means to reach the sky and can’t do it?”
“It’s our Wei family. If you want to step on the two giants of Yanjing, it will definitely hurt your muscles and bones.”
Everyone looked up and asked Wei Guang anxiously.
The words are full of curiosity and doubt.
Wei Chen’s expression also became serious, frowning tightly.
Could it be that in this hot summer land, what powerful forces have emerged to fail?
Facing everyone’s curiosity and doubts, Wei Guang did not speak.
Just let people hang a huge portrait poster on the wall.
The picture on the poster shows a boy.
The figure is thin, with deep eyebrows.
He stood by the lake, holding his hands.
A pair of cold eyes, looking into the distance, almost penetrated through the ages.
“This…this is?”
Everyone was surprised.
Wei Guang said solemnly: “It’s him.”
“The Lord of Jiangdong, Ye Fan.”
“Personal name, Mr. Chu!”
The audience was stagnant.
Everyone in the entire hall almost held their breath.
Wei Lu’s niece, Wei Lu, was even more shocked to cover her red lips.
“how can that be?”
“Just a teenager, he… he has such a big energy?”
“Can defeat the wealthy family of a hundred years old?”
Everyone was gasping and talking in disbelief.

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