A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3023

Because of work, outsiders don’t know Wei Guang very much, only that he is the younger brother of Wei Chen, the head of the Wei family.
However, this name is extremely deterrent to the members of the Wei family.
Just because this person is responsible for all intelligence work inside and outside the family.
Externally, collect information on partners and even competitors and investigate their details.
Internally, it is to monitor the words and deeds of the high-level clan and conduct various illegal activities for private purposes.
It can be said that Wei Guang’s existence is like a sword.
You can cut the blood relatives of the clan at the top, and remove the influence of other clan at the bottom.
Most of the Wei family’s decisions were made based on the intelligence and suggestions provided by Wei Guang.
From this, it is enough to see the weight of this person in the whole family.
What’s more, Wei Guang is known in the family for his iron-blooded ruthlessness. He is his son. He was rectified from an important position because he violated the family rules and was finally transferred.
Leaving Zhonghai, it was sent to a remote place.
It is precisely because of this that the people of the Wei family are somewhat afraid of Wei Guang.
Just like this moment, after seeing Wei Guang appear, the whole hall was quiet.
Many people are playing drums in their hearts, wondering what Wei Guang is doing right now?
Is it possible that someone in the clan was caught again?
“It looks like someone is going to suffer again~”
In the hall, many people secretly shook their heads and whispered in their hearts.
Anyway, in the eyes of everyone, as long as Wei Guang appears, there is no good thing to specify.
When he appeared last time, he defeated an uncle in the clan.
This time, I don’t know who it is again?
“Everyone is here, right?”
Soon, Wei Chen had already reached a high position.
He stood there, looked around, and asked in a deep voice.
It was quiet, and no one responded in the entire hall.
“It looks like everyone is here.”
“In that case, second brother, let’s start.”
After Wei Chen said a few words briefly, he handed over the rest of the meeting to his second brother Wei Guang.
This meeting was called by Wei Guang.
What the specific content was, Wei Chen himself didn’t know.
However, looking at Wei Guang’s tone and expression, Wei Chen could also guess that there was some important information to be announced.
Soon, Wei Guang walked up.
Before he could speak, the atmosphere in the entire hall had become solemn.
“Everyone, sorry for calling everyone so hastily for today’s meeting.”
“However, the matter is very important, I have to take up everyone’s rest time.”
After a few scenes, Wei Guang’s tone became cold.
He raised his head, looked at the crowd, and continued: “I don’t know if I have heard of it. A few days ago, Yanjing’s power changed drastically.”
“Several big powers and aristocratic families have almost all suffered a reshuffle.”
As soon as Wei Guang finished speaking, several people below nodded.
“We know this. Didn’t it mean that a few years ago, Yanjing came out with a king of Yanjing, who seemed to call him Mr. Chu. The Xu family who was the last of the four giants of Yanjing before
And the Xue family, one of the three upstarts, all belong to him. In the past few years, this Mr. Chu’s power has been flourishing in Yenching, and its momentum has grown stronger. ”
“Yes. We also heard that Xu Lei, the current head of the Xu family, is the lover of this Mr. Chu.”
“In the past few years, this Xu Lei Family Master has been swollen with great ambitions under the influence of Mr. Chu.”
“Last year I reached out to our Zhonghai.”
“However, in the end, we were beaten back by the Wei family. After coming to the door to apologize, he rolled back to Yanjing with a sullen expression.”
Under the hall, someone laughed.
When I said this, there was unstoppable pride and pride on his face.
Other people, it’s like that. That sense of superiority is beyond words.

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