A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3030

“Yes, we just learned that King Yanjing and Mr. Jiang Dongchu are the same.”
“So Master Han, the action of beheading King Yanjing has stopped.”
“Now, please rush to the Xu’s house in Yanjing, and apologize to Grandmaster Wushuang for our Wei’s house.”
“Please do everything possible to save my son Wei Luo from Master Wushuang.”
“As long as you can help me save my son, my Wei family will reward me with great gifts~”
“Thank Nima, you Wei family want to die, don’t cheat me~” Before Wei Chen finished speaking, the old master here directly yelled.
“Almost killed by you!”
“Do you dare to provoke anyone?”
“Really consider yourself the first family in the hot summer?”
“To tell you the truth, the power of the Lu family in Jiangbei was stronger than you at the time, comparable to the Yanjing Mo family.”
“The results of it?”
“The whole clan has more than a few hundred mouths, and all of them have been slaughtered.”
“The only son of the Lu family who was lucky enough to escape, also died under his majesty.”
“The country failed to keep him.”
“Just like your Wei family, are you still fighting the titled master?”
“Ten Wei Clan is not enough to kill him.”
“Also let us intercede?”
“I beg you to be paralyzed!”
“I’m so cheating, it’s not bad if I didn’t rush to kill you?”
The old man had an old face, swearing at the other end of the phone, really wishing to kick the Wei family idiots to death.
Assign him to kill Ye Fan, what is the difference between letting him die?
Looking back now, the old man was afraid for a while.
Fortunately, reining in the precipice did not cause disaster.
Otherwise, Lu Songliang’s fate is probably his end.
“Don’t come to me in the future.”
“I don’t know your Wei family~”
“In the future, we will never get along!”
As the saying goes, keep your life clear.
After learning that the Wei family provoked Ye Fan, the old master made a decisive decision and directly sever the relationship with the Wei family.
After hanging up, the grandmaster surnamed Han ran away cursingly.
Is this an idiot and the Wei family in this muddy water?
Isn’t he good to live well?
He hasn’t had enough of his family happiness yet.
Whoever loves to do things looking for death.
Hearing these words, in the Wei family hall, Wei Chen was immediately dumbfounded.
He never dreamed that it would end like this in the end?
After knowing Ye Fan’s name, the person who was on the list of the dignified grandmaster of the hot summer didn’t even have the old face, so he was scared away?
It can also be seen from this, what weight and majesty does the name of Ye Fan have in the martial arts world.
Despair for a long time.
The whole hall was silent.
Everyone in the Wei family was ashamed.
That way, it was like a prisoner on the verge of being executed.
“Second…Second brother, Master Han has left us alone.”
“Now… now, I… what shall we do?”
“Could it be that our Wei family, too… will follow in the footsteps of the Jiangbei Lu family?”
Wei Chen was undoubtedly panicked, Liushen Wuzhu, and finally could only look at his younger brother, Wei Guang.
The faces of the rest of the Wei family were definitely not good.
One by one, all faces are ashamed.
“What else can I do.”
“Should we expect outsiders to remedy the disaster we have caused ourselves?”
“At this time, there is only one way.”
“That is, go to Yanjing, and bear Jing, please!
“Our Wei family’s actions against Yenching were not fully carried out after all.”
“As long as we sincerely apologize, everything still has a chance.”
“The worst result is to abandon the car to stay handsome.”
Wei Guang said with a heavy face, shaking his head.
Wei Chen trembled and looked at his second brother: “You mean, let… Give up Wei Luo?”
Wei Guang nodded: “If you want to keep the family, you can only say that this attack on Yanjing was the personal idea of ​​Wei Luo. He acted without authorization and has nothing to do with our family.”
“In this way, it will be possible to protect the lintel of my Wei family~”

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